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If you work with a formal contract, good news about the extra FGTS is on the way. Stay tuned to discover your rights!

Have you ever imagined receiving extra money just when you need it most? Well, there is the extra FGTS, that fund that is friendly to all workers with a formal contract, it brings something new that could be the light at the end of the tunnel for many in 2024.

Therefore, those who work under the CLT regime should pay attention, as they may be able to receive payment sooner than they think, which will add a good additional to the fund’s accounts!

The Guarantee Fund is an important benefit for CLT workers and, at the very least, it should change. See what changes are made to the FGTS extra! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

After all, what is this FGTS extra?

In principle, since 2017, a law guarantees the distribution of FGTS profits to workers. That’s right, that money saved so carefully throughout the year can yield more than you imagine.

In 2022, for example, 99% of profits were distributed, benefiting more than 106.7 million people across Brazil.

And we’re not talking about loose change, okay? The amount distributed exceeded R$12.7 billion!

Understand the FGTS profit

In summary, FGTS profit refers to the distribution of income generated by the Service Time Guarantee Fund to workers.

This profit originates from investments made with the fund’s resources, mainly in infrastructure, housing and sanitation projects.

Annually, a part of this income is allocated and distributed among all workers who have a balance in their FGTS accounts, providing an additional increase to their resources.

Basically, this practice aims to improve workers’ purchasing power and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

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How does the FGTS extra calculation work?

Now, the calculation of the FGTS profit benefit is proportional to the balance that the worker has in their account until the end of the year prior to the distribution.

The proportion of profit to be distributed is decided by the FGTS Board of Trustees, based on the fund’s total income.

After defining the percentage of profit to be distributed, this amount is divided between all FGTS accounts, proportionally to the balances, ensuring that each worker receives an additional amount according to the amount accumulated in their account.

Who will receive the extra FGTS?

Furthermore, if you have an active or inactive FGTS account and had a balance in December 2023, congratulations! You’re on the list to get a piece of that pie.

The distribution is proportional to the balance you had at the end of the previous year, so the more you managed to save, the larger your share will be.

Discover different modalities of the FGTS

Furthermore, there are three main ways of withdrawing from the FGTS: withdrawal-termination, withdrawal-birthday and immediate withdrawal. Check out:

In withdrawal-termination, the worker can withdraw the full balance in the event of unfair dismissal. The birthday withdrawal allows the worker to withdraw part of the balance annually, in the month of their birthday, with the condition that they give up the right to the full withdrawal upon termination. Immediate withdrawal was a temporary modality that allowed workers to withdraw a limited amount from their accounts, regardless of any specific condition, as an economic stimulus measure in times of crisis.

To withdraw these amounts, it is necessary to comply with the individual rules of each modality.

Why can’t I withdraw the extra FGTS now?

Finally, this is impossible because the FGTS is a type of forced savings for workers with a formal contract.

In other words, it was created to protect employees fired without just cause, so the fund accumulates amounts deposited monthly by employers, corresponding to 8% of the worker’s salary.

This amount is retained in accounts at Caixa Econômica Federal until certain conditions allow withdrawal, such as unfair dismissal, retirement, etc.

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