Justice approves NEW modality of FGTS for workers; see what the rules are!

Who is entitled to the benefit under the new FGTS modality that has just been authorized by the Courts? Understand how the Guarantee Fund’s unprecedented model works.

In recent weeks, a court decision has caused great repercussions among Brazilian workers. This is a new modality of the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) that was definitively guaranteed by the Court.

But after all, what does this mean for workers and what are the rules of this new modality? Continue reading to understand all the details of this important change and how it can positively impact the lives of Brazilians.

Find out everything about the new FGTS modality! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is FGTS?

First of all, it is important to understand what this fund is and what its role is in the lives of Brazilian workers.

The Service Time Guarantee Fund, created in 1966, has the main objective of protecting workers in the event of unfair dismissal, in addition to providing access to resources for purchasing their own home, among other purposes.

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New modality of FGTS is released by the Court

The court decision that has caught the attention of many is the definitive guarantee of FGTS to parents of level 3 autistic children.

This achievement represents a significant advance in guaranteeing the rights of people with disabilities and their families, recognizing the need for financial support for the care and well-being of these children.

Understand the content of the decision

According to the decision handed down by the Federal Court, parents of level 3 autistic children have the right to withdraw the FGTS balance to cover treatments, therapies and other expenses related to the care and development of their children.

The new FGTS modality is a victory for families who face daily challenges in raising and caring for children with severe autism, providing fundamental financial support for the well-being and quality of life of everyone involved.

How does the new FGTS modality work?

According to the court decision, parents of level 3 autistic children are entitled to withdraw FGTS to cover expenses related to the treatment and care of their children.

In this sense, the withdrawal can be used to pay for therapies, medical treatments, educational interventions, acquisition of specialized equipment, adaptation of housing, among other expenses necessary to promote the development and well-being of the autistic child.

How to request payment?

To access this new FGTS modality, parents need to prove their child’s level 3 autism condition through a medical report or official document issued by a qualified professional.

In addition, it is necessary to present the documents required by Caixa Econômica Federal, the institution responsible for managing the FGTS, to make the withdrawal.

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Inclusion is the basis of the Government

The court decision that definitively guarantees the FGTS to parents of autistic children at level 3 represents an important step in promoting inclusion and recognizing the rights of people with disabilities and their families.

It is essential that workers who fall into this situation seek guidance and information on the procedures necessary to access this benefit and ensure the best for their children.

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