It's better than PIS, 13th and other payments

Advance confirmed by Caixa for CLT workers today (23), surpassing PIS and 13th. Check the FGTS anniversary withdrawal calendar and guarantee quick access to your resources!

Anxiety takes over CLT workers on the 23rd, as Caixa Econômica Federal confirms anticipation that exceeds expectations.

For the thousands of Brazilian workers, this is excellent news regarding access to their financial resources.

This announcement, which stands out for its magnitude, promises to be a game changer in the personal finance scenario, surpassing even traditional benefits such as PIS and the 13th salary. Know more!

Caixa surprises with anticipation of CLT’s even today (23), offering a superior alternative to PIS and the 13th salary. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Caixa announces ADVANCE in February

Caixa’s long-awaited announcement comes at a crucial moment, amidst a context of changes and expectations regarding economic policies and workers’ rights.

With the advent of new measures implemented by the Federal Government, there is a growing demand for agile and accessible financial solutions.

Fortunately, the advance confirmed today by Caixa meets this need in an exemplary way.

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FGTS withdrawal-birthday calendar

The announcement highlights the calendar for the FGTS anniversary withdrawal in 2024, revealing that workers born in January and February can now count on access to their resources from today, the 23rd.

This anticipation not only brings immediate financial relief to many, but also sets a new standard for efficiency and convenience in accessing employment benefits.

The anticipation of FGTS payments through the birthday withdrawal represents a significant alternative in relation to the traditional 13th salary and PIS.

While the 13th salary is paid only once a year and PIS is subject to a series of requirements and deadlines, the FGTS birthday withdrawal offers workers a unique opportunity to access their resources in a simplified and agile way.

FGTS birthday withdrawal payment schedule

Below, we present the payment schedule for the FGTS birthday withdrawal for workers, according to information from the "" portal:

January: from January 2nd to March 29thFebruary: from February 1st to April 30thMarch: from March 1st to May 31stApril: from April 1st to June 28thMay: from May 2nd to July 31stJune: from 3rd June to August 30July: from July 1st to September 30August: from August 1st to October 31stSeptember: from September 2nd to November 30thOctober: from October 1st to December 29thNovember: from November 1st to January 31st 2025December: from December 2 to February 28, 2025.

With this calendar in mind, workers can plan their finances in advance and ensure timely access to their FGTS resources.

This measure reinforces Caixa Econômica Federal’s commitment to providing financial solutions that meet the needs of workers, providing more security and practicality in their financial lives.

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