Is using the FGTS Futuro balance to buy your own home legal? Find out everything!

The "FGTS Futuro" program, announced by the federal government, will allow workers to use future withdrawals from the Guarantee Fund to reduce mortgage installments.

The Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) is a benefit created by the Brazilian government to protect workers in the event of unfair dismissal. The account is opened in the worker’s name upon admission.

The employee receives monthly deposits from the employer, worth 8% of the salary. The worker can withdraw the FGTS in several situations, such as unfair dismissal, property purchase, retirement, serious illnesses and public calamities.

Now, the Federal Government has announced another method of withdrawing from the Length of Service Guarantee Fund – the FGTS Futuro. It can be used to purchase your own property. Keep reading to find out how it works.

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How will FGTS Futuro work?

The federal government recently announced the launch of the "FGTS Futuro" program, an innovative initiative that promises to benefit thousands of Brazilian workers, facilitating access to owning a home.

This program allows workers to use future withdrawals from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) to deduct mortgage installments.

The expectation is that FGTS Futuro will be available from March, marking the beginning of a new phase in the country’s real estate market.

FGTS Futuro was created with the objective of reducing the housing deficit in Brazil, through government investment in housing credit.

The measure aims to assist in the acquisition of more than 60 thousand homes across the country.

It will work as follows: when taking out real estate financing, the worker will be able to allocate part of the amount they receive monthly from the FGTS to pay the installments.

This deduction will be automatic, committing a portion of the fund monthly, without affecting the worker’s salary.

Advantages and restrictions

The main advantage of FGTS Futuro is the possibility of increasing the income margin for purchasing properties, without compromising the worker’s monthly budget.

This initiative is crucial because, in some cases, the property purchase limit is determined by the percentage of income that can be compromised.

Initially, the program will be open to families with a monthly income of up to R$2,640, with plans to expand to incomes of up to R$8,000.

Furthermore, the program will give priority to families benefiting from "Minha Casa, Minha Vida", aiming to further strengthen access to decent housing.

How to participate?

Adherence to FGTS Futuro must be made explicitly by the worker, and is only available for the payment of real estate financing.

This step represents an important milestone for workers who dream of owning their own home, but find it difficult to achieve it financially.

With FGTS Futuro, the federal government opens a new path to realizing this dream, promoting social and economic inclusion.

FGTS Futuro is a housing program. He is betting on the ability of Brazilians to build a better future for their families.

By facilitating access to home ownership, the federal government helps reduce the housing deficit and strengthens the economy, creates jobs and promotes social well-being.

With the arrival of FGTS Futuro, we are about to witness a significant transformation in the way Brazilians access and finance their homes.

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