Is there a time limit for withdrawing PIS/Pasep? Understand the CONTROVERSY

Find out everything about PIS/Pasep withdrawal times and unravel the controversy that is circulating. Understand the withdrawal options available and organize yourself to withdraw your benefit without confusion.

The controversy over a possible deadline for withdrawing PIS/Pasep has generated a lot of discussion on social media and worker groups.

This rumor raises doubts and concerns among those who are entitled to the benefit. It is essential to understand this situation, unraveling what is fact and what is fiction in this debate.

Below, we will clarify all these questions, so that you are well informed and can plan to withdraw your benefit without confusion or misunderstandings.

Clarify your doubts about the times to withdraw PIS/Pasep and avoid falling for misinformation. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Is there a time limit for withdrawing PIS/Pasep?

Some time ago, information began to emerge that workers would be restricted to a specific time to withdraw PIS/Pasep.

The truth, however, is a little different. These claims do not correspond to reality, as there is no time limit for the withdrawal itself.

What actually happens is that bank branches operate during specific business hours, which may vary according to the region.

Therefore, it is essential that beneficiaries are aware of the opening hours of agencies in their municipalities.

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How to receive PIS/Pasep?

The good news is that there are several ways to receive PIS/Pasep. Beneficiaries are free to choose between making the withdrawal in person or opting for online methods.

For workers in the private sector, PIS is provided by Caixa Econômica Federal. Public servants have Pasep released by Banco do Brasil.

How to make an in-person withdrawal?

In short, opting for in-person withdrawal means going to a Caixa Econômica or Banco do Brasil branch.

It is also possible to withdraw funds from lottery outlets. It is important to remember to bring a photo identification document. For those who intend to use the ATM, don’t forget to bring your card.

How to withdraw online?

On the other hand, for those looking for practicality, withdrawals can also be made via the internet. Account holders can use the bank’s own application.

For non-Caixa account holders, there is the Caixa Tem application, while at Banco do Brasil, the BB Pasep application facilitates the transfer of money between accounts.

PIS/Pasep withdrawal schedule

Another important point is the PIS/Pasep withdrawal calendar, which is already underway and extends until August. The withdrawal period is defined according to the worker’s month of birth.

For example, those born in January are released from February 15th, and so on for the remaining months. See below:

Born in January – February 15th;Born in February – March 15th;Born in March – April 15th;Born in April – April 15th;Born in May – May 15th;Born in June – May 15th;Born in July – June 17th;Born in August – June 17th;Born in September – July 15th;Born in October – July 15th;Born in November – August 15th;Born in December – August 15th.

Finally, we realize that the controversy surrounding the time to withdraw PIS/Pasep is unfounded.

By understanding the rules and opening hours of the agencies, the beneficiary can organize their withdrawal without falling victim to misinformation.

Furthermore, it is crucial to stay informed and attentive to official news to avoid confusion.

With this information, you are more than prepared to withdraw your PIS/Pasep.

Remember: correct knowledge is essential to enjoy your rights without complications. So, have you already decided how you are going to proceed with your withdrawal?

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