Is school material aid STILL available? Brazilians have withdrawn between R$200 and R$320, check it out!

Brazilians who meet the criteria can request School Material Aid from the Federal Government. Check out.

School Material Aid, as the name suggests, is a benefit aimed at Brazilians who need help purchasing items.

At this time of year, it is common for schools to ask for a series of materials, such as pencils, notebooks and the like.

It is worth noting that many places provide school materials. Regarding the Aid, to receive it, you must meet the eligibility criteria.

Brazilians who meet the criteria can receive School Material Aid – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

School material aid for low-income families: see who is entitled

The School Material Card is one of the government’s programs, being a benefit granted in the form of a prepaid card, to be used in accredited book and school material stores. The price varies according to the school year.

Who is entitled to School Material Assistance?

The following are basic requirements to be entitled to School Material Card Assistance, in addition to the criteria that vary according to the Municipality or State:

Be responsible for a student regularly enrolled in the public education network; Registration in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) with a per capita family income lower than a certain amount (generally between R$ 170.00 and R$ 200.00); No other benefit similar, such as the School Material Assistance Grant.

How do I request the School Material Card?

Requesting the School Material Card also varies depending on the location, and, in general, it is necessary:

Attend a service point at the Department of Education of the municipality or state; Present supporting documents, such as ID, CPF, proof of income and residence, and the student’s birth certificate; Complete a registration form.

Where to use?

The School Material Aid can be used in school supply stores accredited in the program and made available in lists on the website of the Municipal or State Department of Education.

Value of the School Supplies Card

The value of the School Material Card also varies according to the location and the student’s school grade, with a value varying between R$100.00 and R$500.00.


The School Supplies Card offers benefits such as cost reduction; ensuring student access to materials necessary for learning; reducing school dropout rates and improving student academic performance.

For more information about the School Material Card, consult the website of your Municipality or State Department of Education.

See how to sign up for CadÚnico

To access School Material Aid and other benefits, you must be registered with CadÚnico. Here’s how to sign up.

Registration is free and can be done simply and quickly.

Pre-registration through Caixa Tem:

Download the Caixa Tem app on your cell phone. Access the "CadÚnico" option. Follow the instructions to pre-register.

Important: pre-registration does not guarantee enrollment in CadÚnico. You need to go to a service station to complete the registration.

Scheduling at a service point:

Look for the nearest post to you on the federal government website: documents for all family members: Birth certificate or RGCPF Proof of residence Work card (if you have it) Voter ID card (if you have it)

Necessary documents:

Birth certificate or RGCPFProof of residenceWork card (if you have)Voter ID card (if you have)

Other ways to sign up:

In some cases, CadÚnico can be carried out in mobile units of CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center) or in collective assistance efforts. Homeless people can register at shelters or specialized reference centers.

For more information:

Call the CadÚnico Customer Service Center: 136 Access the federal government website:

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