Is salary advance for seniors CONFIRMED? R$ 2 thousand, 5 favored groups and more, check it out!

The Federal Government has taken a position on the advance payment of salaries for elderly people. See what has been defined.

The anticipation of the 13th salary for retirees in 2024 is a proposal that has been gaining strength in recent months, with the aim of alleviating the financial difficulties of this portion of the population.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of creating a 14th salary for the category. The Federal Government has already taken a position on the issue. Check out this article.

Everything that is known about the anticipation of the 13th salary in 2024

It is worth making it clear that the Ministry of Social Security has already announced that the Christmas bonus will not be brought forward in 2024. The Government also expressed its opinion on the 14th salary.

Government takes a stance on advancing the salary of elderly people – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

14th of the INSS

The 14th INSS salary, an extra benefit that would provide a financial boost to retirees and pensioners, is still a promise in search of fulfillment.

Several bills are being processed in the National Congress, but there is still no definition regarding their approval and payment in 2024.

The idea arose in 2020, as a response to the socioeconomic difficulties imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then, several bills have been filed with the National Congress, seeking to guarantee this extra benefit for INSS beneficiaries.

In 2021, the proposal gained strength and was approved by two committees of the Chamber of Deputies: the Social Security and Family Committee and the Finance and Taxation Committee. However, it did not advance to a vote in the Chamber plenary.

In 2022, the topic remained under debate, but without significant progress. Despite the mobilization of social entities and parliamentarians in favor of the 14th salary, the lack of consensus and the high cost of the benefit prevented its approval.

In 2023, the debate on the 14th salary was reactivated, with public hearings being held in the Chamber of Deputies. Several experts and representatives of entities defended the importance of the benefit for the social protection of retirees and pensioners, especially in a context of high inflation and rising costs of living.

Factors influencing approval

The main obstacle to the approval of the 14th salary is its high cost, estimated at billions of reais. The federal government argues that the country’s fiscal situation does not allow the benefit to be implemented at this time.

Furthermore, the legislative agenda is congested with other demands considered priorities.

More workers will be included in PIS

Although the Government has ended the possibility of the 13th salary in advance this year, there is great news for millions of Brazilians: from 2024, the federal government will expand access to PIS/Pasep, including more workers in the program.

The measure, which aims to benefit around 23 million people, represents an important step towards social inclusion and tax justice in the country.

Who will be the new beneficiaries?

Intermittent workers: A recent category, created by the 2017 Labor Reform, which is characterized by the provision of services in a discontinuous manner, with alternating periods of work and inactivity. Domestic workers: Responsible for taking care of homes, families and people, this fundamental category for society will finally have access to PIS/Pasep.Rural: Workers who work in the field, such as farmers, settlers, rubber tappers and quilombolas, will also be covered by the program.

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