Is the ProUni 2024 result inaccessible? Website is not working, please understand

Facing problems accessing ProUni 2024 results? Understand the causes of website instability and the next steps for pre-selected and non-selected candidates.

Have you ever tried to access the ProUni 2024 results and encountered problems? You are not alone in this.

The website experienced instability shortly after the pre-selected candidates were announced. The question that remains is: why did this happen? Let’s explore this situation.

Candidates report difficulties checking their ProUni 2024 results; know more about. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

ProUni 2024 result: website presents instability

Imagine the anxiety of students when checking the long-awaited ProUni 2024 results. However, shortly after publication, the website became inaccessible for many.

At around 3:05 pm, just five minutes after the lists were released, the platform went offline. This critical moment raised several questions among the candidates.

ProUni and its impacts

In general, ProUni is a gateway for many students to private higher education institutions.

It offers full and partial scholarships and is a golden chance for those looking for a quality education. But when the process faces technical obstacles, frustration is almost inevitable.

Registrations and extensions

The registration period, which was supposed to end on February 1st, has been extended by one day. This was due to problems with the registration system and delays in Sisu 2024 results.

Pre-selected, but not yet approved

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that being "pre-selected" in ProUni does not mean immediate approval.

In short, this term is used because there are still steps to be completed, such as document verification and, in some cases, additional evidence.

And don’t forget: classes need a minimum number of people enrolled to be confirmed.

On the other hand, if you weren’t shortlisted on this first call, stay calm. A second call will take place on February 27th.

Additionally, there is the option to join the waiting list, a last chance for those still dreaming of a scholarship.

Important dates

Registration: January 29th to February 2nd.Result of the first call: February 6th.Result of the second call: February 27th.Expression of interest in the waiting list: March 14th and 15th.Waiting list result: March 18th March.

Who can participate in ProUni 2024?

ProUni is aimed at those who took Enem 2022 or 2023, achieving at least 450 points and a score above zero in the essay. In addition, you must meet one of the following criteria:

Have attended high school in a public school or as a full scholarship holder in a private school; Be a person with a disability or a public school teacher, aiming for undergraduate and pedagogy courses.

What is the income criteria for ProUni?

For full scholarships, the per capita gross monthly family income must be up to one and a half minimum wages. Meanwhile, for partial scholarships, up to three minimum wages. This criterion is fundamental and must be calculated carefully.

Ultimately, despite the technical setbacks, ProUni 2024 remains a valuable opportunity. So, if you faced problems accessing the website, know that you are not alone and keep hope.

The process is still ongoing and there are chances for everyone. Education is a path of transformation and ProUni is one of the vehicles for this journey.

Finally, stay tuned for the next steps and good luck!

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