Is the list of those approved for SiSU published by the MEC WRONG? Understand the controversy!

The list that the MEC released with those approved at SiSU may be incorrect, which will impact thousands of candidates. Understand!

Recently, candidates for the Unified Selection System (SiSU) faced a real emotional merry-go-round that occurred due to a technical ministerial failure.

The MEC erroneously published lists of approved candidates that had not yet undergone a complete analysis of all quota categories, generating confusion and frustration among students. Understand!

Those approved at SiSU should be alert, as the MEC made a mistake when publishing the list. Understand what happened! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

MEC incorrectly published the list of those approved for SiSU?

At first, some candidates, who initially celebrated approval, saw their names disappear from the final lists, revealing a scenario of disappointment and uncertainty.

The incident occurred when the MEC prematurely released the classifications, still in the process of internal analysis to apply quota rules.

The technical failure was followed by a delay in the release of the final results, which, when revealed, brought significant changes to the candidates’ placements.

How does this impact those approved at SiSU?

The situation generated a wave of personal stories marked by disappointment. Students who had celebrated winning a place at federal universities saw their dreams crumble when they were removed from the approved list.

Faced with this, the MEC recognized the improper disclosure of the provisional results and guaranteed that the official results, once released, would remain unchanged.

After all, how does SiSU work?

In short, SiSU works as an online portal where students who took the National High School Exam (Enem) can apply for places in public higher education institutions throughout Brazil.

Candidates are selected based on their Enem grades, and can choose up to two course options.

Vacancies, therefore, are distributed according to the candidate’s grade, also considering quota policies for specific groups.

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New quota system

Furthermore, in 2024, SiSU adopted a new methodology in distributing vacancies, where all candidates, including quota holders, initially competed for widely competitive vacancies.

This system, although aimed at fairness in the distribution of vacancies, ended up complicating the selection process, especially when interrupted by technical failures such as the one that occurred.

Negative consequences for those approved in SiSU

For many young people, SiSU represents the gateway to higher education and, consequently, to realizing their professional and personal dreams.

Mistakes like this not only affect individual trajectories, but also undermine confidence in the system as a whole.

What to do from this?

Now, for affected candidates, the option remains to join the waiting list, in the hope of still securing a place.

However, the incident highlights the need for reviews and improvements to the SiSU system, ensuring that future processes are more transparent and reliable.

Fies could be an option

Finally, Fies is coming and could be a second option. This is a federal government initiative that offers low-interest student financing for low-income students enrolled in higher education courses at private institutions.

To register, the candidate must meet income criteria and have taken the Enem from 2010 onwards, with a minimum score of 450 points and without having completed the essay to zero.

The program allows you to finance up to 100% of monthly fees, with the possibility of starting payments after completing the course. In addition, Fies also includes P-Fies, a modality with different conditions, operated by private banks.

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