Is it possible to earn EXTRA income using Nubank's Caixinha? Clear your doubts

Learn how Nubank’s Caixas can transform the way you save money and offer extra income safely. Ideal for organizing your finances and achieving your goals.

Have you ever heard of Nubank Caixas? Imagine having a space of your own, where every dream and financial goal is well kept, multiplying day after day.

The new thing that Nubank brought could be that little push you needed to better organize your finances and, as a bonus, guarantee extra income.

Want to know how it works and guarantee that extra income in February? So, read on and find out below.

Nubank’s Caixas are the smart solution for those looking for profitability and financial organization. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How do Nubank Caixas work?

Nubank’s Little Boxes are more than just virtual compartments. They are true allies on your financial journey.

With them, you name your goals, whether they are a dream trip, home renovation or even a reserve for life’s unforeseen events.

And it doesn’t stop there: to give that personal touch, you can add images to each box. Cool huh?

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The icing on the cake is profitability. When opting for Caixainhas, your money doesn't sit idle. It grows at a rate of 100% of the CDI, easily surpassing the yields from traditional savings.

That’s right, while you plan your life, your money works for you.

Nubank boxes: is the function safe?

With Nubank, you don’t have to choose between security and profitability. In addition to the support of the largest digital bank in Brazil, your investment in Caixinhas is protected by the FGC.

In other words, up to R$250,000 of your hard-earned money is safe, even if there are storms on the financial horizon.

Flexibility that adapts to you

Caixinhas’ liquidity options are a show in itself. You can choose to have your money available immediately, daily or on a planned basis.

Everything according to your needs and without bureaucracy. This way, you are in full control of your money.

Tailor-made choices

Nubank thought of everything! The boxes are personalized according to your goals and profile.

Whether for an emergency fund or for that special project, there is an ideal configuration waiting for you. Choose between Daily, Immediate or Planned RDB and watch your money grow.

Achieve your goals with Nubank Caixas

Setting financial goals has never been easier. With the Program Caixinhas function, you can establish your objectives, simulate deadlines and even schedule recurring deposits.

Everything in a simple and intuitive way. This way, you see your financial future taking shape right before your eyes.

Furthermore, whether you have a defined goal or just save a little bit every month, the Caixinhas simulator gives you a clear vision of the path to follow.

It shows when you will reach your goal or how much you will have accumulated in a certain period. And the best part: you don’t have to commit to anything to use this tool.


Finally, the most incredible thing about Nubank’s Little Boxes is that they are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re already an expert in finance or if you’re just starting to organize your money.

Caixas are a simple, safe and intelligent way to boost your financial life. So what are you waiting for?

The possibility of earning extra income with Caixinha do Nubank is within your reach. So, get organized, invest and watch your money grow. Your financial future will thank you!

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