Is gasoline ONLY worth it in 5 states in Brazil? Understand the Ethanol CONTROVERSY

Due to the price of gasoline, ethanol has stood out as a cheaper option in some states in Brazil, making it a more interesting alternative.

In the current fuel scenario in Brazil, the eternal doubt between choosing gasoline or ethanol gains new chapters.

With the recent increase in gasoline prices, ethanol appears as the most advantageous option in 22 of the 27 Brazilian states. But, after all, in which states does gasoline still reign supreme?

To find out, it is important to analyze how the product’s distribution price is going throughout Brazil. If you’re curious, follow the article to stay up to date with everything.

The high price of gasoline is causing, in some states, citizens to prefer ethanol. Understand! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The current fuel panorama

Gasoline, this precious and controversial liquid, saw its average price increase by 2.78% in the first half of February, reaching R$5.91 per liter.

This increase is a reflection of the new ICMS policy, which brought a significant adjustment across the country. However, ethanol was not left behind and also saw its price rise, closing the fortnight at R$3.71 per liter, an increase of 3.06%.

According to the website O Popular, in Goiânia, fuel prices reached significant levels, with a liter of gasoline reaching R$7.48 and ethanol at R$5.79.

These values ​​reflect an upward trend that has been observed not only in the capital of Goiás, but in several parts of the country.

The variation in prices between different gas stations is significant, highlighting the importance of careful research before filling up your vehicle.

According to Sindiposto-GO, successive readjustments at distributors have put upward pressure on prices, with resellers trying to absorb the increases to minimize the impact on the consumer.

Factors such as problems with the sugarcane harvest, which affected ethanol production, contribute to the scenario of high prices, with no prospect of reduction in the short term.

Where does gasoline still pay off?

Interestingly, in only five states does gasoline remain the most economical option: Maranhão, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Rondônia and Roraima.

But what makes these states the exception to the rule? Would tax policy, distribution logistics or perhaps ethanol production be less significant?

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Ethanol: the favorite of the moment

On the other hand, ethanol shines as the star of the economy in 22 states. With an average price significantly lower than gasoline, it becomes the most sensible choice for the consumer’s wallet.

However, make no mistake, the choice between ethanol and gasoline goes beyond the price per liter. You need to consider the performance of each fuel in your vehicle, as, despite being cheaper, ethanol has a lower yield per liter compared to gasoline.

The smart choice

In this context, it is essential to do the math before deciding which fuel to fill. The golden rule is: ethanol must cost up to 70% of the price of gasoline to be considered advantageous.

So, before making your decision, look beyond the price and consider the fuel efficiency of your car.

How to save gasoline?

Finally, to save gasoline, drive economically, avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, as these actions increase fuel consumption.

Maintain a constant speed and use the idle feature whenever possible. Additionally, keep your tires inflated according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Tires with lower pressure than recommended increase rolling resistance and, consequently, gasoline consumption.

These simple practices can significantly contribute to reducing fuel consumption and, in turn, saving gasoline on a daily basis.

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