Is the Christmas bonus CONFIRMED for the elderly in 2024? Understand Lula's announcement

President Lula announced that the 13th salary of INSS beneficiaries, or Christmas bonus, in 2024 will be paid. However, he changed the benefit calendar.

President Lula recently announced significant changes to the payment of the 13th salary for INSS beneficiaries in 2024, a move that promises to positively impact the financial lives of millions of Brazilian retirees.

In 2023, the anticipation of the Christmas bonus in the months of May and June injected R$62.6 billion into the economy, benefiting more than 32.5 million people. This measure was widely celebrated, generating expectations for its repetition in 2024.

The president has already taken a position on the advance payment of the benefit in 2024. Continue reading this article to find out when the INSS will pay the 13th salary.

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After all, will INSS advance the Christmas bonus in 2024? Understand

Unlike the previous year, the INSS confirmed that in 2024 the payment of the 13th salary will be made in the second semester, without advance payments.

The decision to maintain the traditional payment schedule has generated mixed reactions. On the one hand, the anticipation of the 13th salary is seen as a boost to the economy, increasing the purchasing power of retirees.

On the other hand, the confirmation that the payment will be made in the second half of the year is in line with practices in previous years, maintaining a certain predictability for beneficiaries.

It is essential that retirees and pensioners stay informed about the payment schedule and possible changes that may arise, ensuring that they are prepared to manage their finances effectively.

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The INSS 13th salary payment schedule for 2024 is defined, with the first installment scheduled to be released together with the August salary, and the second installment, which will have the income tax discount, scheduled for November.

These dates are important financial milestones for beneficiaries, who must plan their budgets taking these payments into account.

In short, the changes announced by President Lula in the payment of the Christmas bonus for INSS beneficiaries reflect the government’s ongoing efforts to support Brazil’s elderly and retired population.

While the decision not to bring forward payment in 2024 may disappoint some, it also reinforces the importance of prudent financial management and preparing for the future in uncertain times.

13th INSS salary: a fundamental right to guarantee human dignity

The INSS Christmas bonus is a fundamental benefit to guarantee the human dignity of Social Security policyholders.

Established by Law No. 4,749/1965, the 13th salary represents a historic achievement for retirees, pensioners and other INSS beneficiaries, ensuring them an income supplement at the end of the year.

The value of the 13th INSS is calculated proportionally to the number of months that the insured person received the benefit in the year, being paid in two installments:

First installment: paid in August; Second installment: paid in November.

To be entitled to INSS 13th, the insured must:

Have received the benefit for at least 15 days a year; Be up to date with social security contributions (if applicable).

The 13th INSS is not exempt from income tax and the amounts are adjusted by the Selic rate.

The payment of the INSS Christmas bonus positively impacts the lives of policyholders, providing:

Greater financial security: The 13th salary allows policyholders to cover end-of-year expenses, such as buying gifts, traveling and paying debts. Stimulating the economy: The 13th salary injects resources into the economy, boosting consumption and generating income.

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