Is Carnival a national holiday? Whoever works earns double?

Is Carnival a holiday, or just a commemorative date? Check what the law says, and see if workers can take time off during the festivities.

Carnival is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated and celebrated festivals in all of Brazil. But, when it comes to work, the question arises: is Carnival a national holiday?

Whoever works during this time earns double? We will show you the answers to these questions and prepare you for Carnival 2024, which promises to be full of parties, parades and, of course, lots of joy.

Is Carnival a public holiday in 2024? Credit: Reproduction.

The origin of Carnival

Before we talk about labor issues, how about a quick trip through the history of Carnival? This festival, which today is contagious with its joy and vibrant colors, has its roots in ancient pagan celebrations.

Over the centuries, it was incorporated into the Christian calendar as the festival that precedes Lent. In Brazil, Carnival has evolved into a unique cultural explosion, mixing rhythms, dances and traditions from various parts of the country and the world.

Is Carnival a national holiday?

The burning question: "Is Carnival a holiday?" The answer is not so simple. Carnival, in itself, is not considered a national holiday.

However, the celebration between February 10th and 14th, 2024, specifically from February 12th to 14th (from Monday until 2pm on Wednesday), is marked as an optional point by the federal government, according to this year’s official calendar. .

States and municipalities define the laws

Here comes an important detail: states and municipalities have the prerogative to make Carnival official as a holiday, as long as there are specific regulations.

In the State of Rio de Janeiro, for example, Carnival Tuesday is a state holiday, as established by Law 5243/2008. In these places, workers must be laid off unless there is compensation or double pay.

What optional point?

On optional days, public employees are released from service, without prejudice to their remuneration.

In the private sector, it is up to employers to decide whether or not to grant time off. Unlike holidays, there is no legal obligation for companies to release their employees.

How to guarantee a holiday during Carnival?

Companies and employees can negotiate the days to be worked and the compensation of hours so that the Carnival holiday is guaranteed.

If the employee takes time off during Carnival, he or she may be required to make up these hours on other days, respecting the limit of two overtime hours per day.

Important: employers cannot make salary deductions for days not worked during Carnival.

Who works at Carnival earns double?

In places where Carnival is officially a public holiday, workers who work during this period are entitled to compensatory time off. If this does not happen, payment for the day worked must be made in double.

However, in places where Carnival is considered an optional event, working on this date does not entitle you to time off or salary increases.

What if I miss work without warning during Carnival?

In places where Carnival is not considered a holiday, unjustified absence can lead to penalties such as salary deductions and even dismissal for just cause.

In this sense, it is essential to communicate and negotiate any time off in advance to avoid labor problems.

Keep an eye on the rules!

Carnival is a time of party and celebration, but also a time of many doubts when it comes to work. Remember: the best way to enjoy Carnival without worries is to understand your rights and duties and, of course, negotiate any time off or compensation in advance.

This way, you can enjoy this incredible party with the peace of mind of someone who is up to date with their professional obligations. Happy carnival!

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