Is the card limit low? See how to INCREASE in just a few steps TODAY 02/22

The card limit can help a lot when making purchases, especially in installments. However, a low value can be a hindrance. Fortunately, there are ways to increase it.

Increasing the credit card limit is a common desire among Brazilians, especially Nubank users, known for the flexibility and positive experiences offered to its customers.

With some simple strategies, you can improve your chances of increasing your card limit, ensuring more freedom in your finances.

In this sense, if you want to increase the values ​​to make a very important purchase, here are some tips!

The card limit can be of great help when making larger purchases. See how to increase! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Effective strategies for increasing your card limit

In principle, adopting these practices and exploring Nubank’s innovative features can significantly transform your credit limit, providing greater flexibility and comfort in your daily transactions.

Whether paying your invoices on time, maintaining an impeccable credit history, concentrating spending on a single card or taking advantage of smart solutions, you have several tools at your fingertips to optimize your card limit at Nubank. Check out!

1. Timely payments: the key to trust

Firstly, keeping your payment history up to date is crucial. Delays in invoices compromise the bank’s trust and reduce the chances of an increase in the limit.

Being a good payer signals to Nubank that you are a reliable customer, capable of managing the credit provided well.

2. Clean credit history: maintain your reputation

Next, preserving a positive credit history is critical. Avoid defaults, not just at Nubank, but in all your financial relationships.

A clean history increases your credibility with financial institutions, paving the way for better credit conditions.

3. Concentrate spending on a single card

Furthermore, predominantly using a single card for your expenses demonstrates to the bank your payment capacity.

When Nubank observes that you manage your current credit well, the chances of an increase in the limit increase significantly.

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Bare Limit Guaranteed: increase the card limit manually

In addition to these tips, Nubank offers an innovative solution: Nu Limite Garantido. This functionality allows amounts invested or saved in Nubank to be converted into an additional limit for the credit card.

In short, it is an effective way to increase your purchasing power immediately, without waiting for a traditional credit assessment.

To join, simply access the credit card section in the app, select "My Limits" and choose the Nu Limite Garantido.

How to open an account at Nubank?

Opening an account at Nubank and applying for a credit card is a simple and uncomplicated process, reflecting the fintech’s mission to offer a modern, accessible and bureaucracy-free banking experience.

Download the app: the first step is to download the Nubank app (Android: or iOS: data: when opening the app, you will find the option to start registration. Enter your personal information, such as full name, CPF, email and address;Wait for the analysis: finally, after submitting your data, Nubank will carry out a quick credit analysis. This process is essential to determine your eligibility for the account and credit card.

Card request

Account confirmation: once your account is approved, you will have access to the application and the various Nubank features; Request the card: later, within the app, navigate to the cards section and choose the option to request the Nubank credit card; Track the status: Nubank will inform you about the progress of your request through the app itself or via email. If approved, your card will be sent to the registered address.

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