IRPF 2024 and the mandatory delivery calendar: check all the dates!

Prepare for IRPF 2024: check the delivery calendar and new exemption rules. Avoid fines and inconvenience, learn about your declaration options and fulfill your tax obligations on time.

The beginning of each year brings with it tax season, and with it, IRPF 2024. Attention, taxpayers! This is the time to prepare to meet your tax obligations.

In addition to the traditional IPVA and IPTU, the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) is one of the most important. To stay up to date with all the main details involving the tribute, read on.

IRPF 2024 is coming: find out the deadlines for delivery and understand the updates to the exemption rules. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

IRPF 2024 Calendar

Namely, IRPF 2024 already has its dates defined by the Federal Revenue Service. If you are not exempt, mark your calendar: March 15th to May 31st is the period to declare your 2023 income.

Therefore, it takes two and a half months to settle the score with Leão.

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IRPF 2024 news and updated rules

This year, the IR exemption increased! In this sense, from this year onwards, the monthly exemption is R$ 2,824 – thanks to the Provisional Measure published last Wednesday (7) in the Official Gazette of the Union.

In summary, the changes include adjustments to exemption bands and rates. However, remember: for income before May 1st, the previous rules apply.

Who must declare Income Tax in 2024?

If your income in 2023 exceeds R$28,559.70, get ready to declare. The rates will be deducted according to the IR tables.

Declaration options

You have options when declaring your IRPF. Let’s explore them.

Simplified Declaration: Ideal for those who prefer ease, this option applies a 20% discount on taxable income, simplifying the process. Complete Declaration: For detail-oriented people, this option requires the declaration of all income and expenses. Here, deductions are personalized. Pre-Filled Declaration: Maximum convenience! Available for Silver or Gold accounts on, it has your financial data already entered, making declarations even easier.

See the new 2024 Income Tax table

New Income Import table 2024:

Monthly income Aliquot Deduction
Up to R$2,259.20 zero zero
From R$ 2,259.21 to R$ 2,824.00 with a discount of R$ 564.80 zero zero
From R$ 2,259.21 to R$ 2,828.65 without discount of R$ 564.80* 7,5% R$ 169,44
From R$2,828.66 to R$3,751.05 15,0% R$ 381,44
From R$3,751.06 to R$4,664.68 22,5% R$ 662,77
Above R$4,664.68 27,5% R$ 896,00
*those who earn up to two minimum wages can choose not to file a simplified declaration

Source: Ministry of Finance

Pay attention to deadlines

Finally, don’t leave it until the last minute. Respecting the IRPF 2024 calendar is crucial to avoid fines and inconvenience. Remember: March 15th to May 31st is your time to act.

In conclusion, IRPF 2024 requires attention and preparation. Stay up to date with the new rules, choose the best form of declaration for your profile and comply with your tax obligations without worries.

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