IPTU, CNH and Income Tax NEVER AGAIN; understand the BENEFITS!

Brazilians who meet the Government’s criteria can receive exemption from IPTU, CNH and Income Tax. Check out.

IPTU (Urban Property and Territorial Tax) must be paid every year by Brazilians. It is independent of the city in which the person lives.

Meanwhile, the CNH (National Driving License) is a mandatory document for anyone who wants to drive vehicles. The problem is that issuing the license is expensive.

Finally, Income Tax is deducted directly from the Brazilian’s payroll. The good news is that there are groups that can be exempt from all these fees.

Find out who can receive exemption from IPTU, CNH and Income Tax – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Who is entitled to IPTU exemption?

The Urban Property and Territorial Tax (IPTU) is a mandatory tax that all owners of urban properties in Brazil must pay. However, there are some situations that allow exemption from paying tax.

IPTU exemption is a right provided for in the National Tax Code (CTN) and varies according to municipal legislation. In general, the following groups may be entitled to exemption:

Retirees, pensioners and those with serious illnesses: as long as they meet the income and property value requirements. Seniors: most cities grant exemptions to seniors over 60 or 65 years old, with limited family income. People with disabilities: may be eligible exemption or discount on IPTU, depending on the severity of the disability.Owners of low-value properties: some cities grant exemption for properties with market value below a certain limit.Non-profit entities: such as philanthropic, religious, educational and cultural entities.

How to request the exemption?

It is necessary to access the city hall website and check the conditions for tax exemption.

E a CNH Social?

CNH Social is a program that offers the first free National Driving License (CNH) for low-income people.

The program aims to promote the social and professional inclusion of people who do not have the financial means to pay for the qualification process.

It is worth noting that not all states offer a free driver’s license. Therefore, citizens must access their city’s Detran (State Traffic Department) page to check the rules and eligibility.

Find out who can request income tax exemption

Income Tax (IR) is a mandatory tax for all Brazilians who meet the income and economic activity criteria.

However, there are some situations that allow exemption from paying tax.

Who is entitled to IR exemption?

According to the Federal Revenue, Income Tax exemption is granted in some cases. Check out.

Individuals with annual taxable income below R$28,559.70: This value is valid for the year 2024. Retirees, pensioners and people with serious illnesses: As long as they meet the income and property value requirements. Taxpayers who have dependents: Each dependent can deduct R$ 2,275.08 from the tax. Donations to philanthropic entities: Donations of up to 3% of the tax due can be deducted from the IR. People with disabilities: People with disabilities may be entitled to an exemption or discount on the IR, depending the severity of the disability.

Unlike other taxes, Income Tax is automatically deducted from the Brazilian’s payroll. In other words, those who are entitled to exemption do not need to request it.

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