INSS retirees will be able to receive these 10 benefits in 2024; know more!

Discover the 10 benefits for INSS retirees in 2024! Discover the advantages that can improve your quality of life.

With the arrival of the year 2024, INSS retirees can prepare to take advantage of a series of benefits provided by the Brazilian government.

These advantages are designed to ensure a better quality of life for seniors who have reached the age of 65.

Next, we will explore these 10 benefits that are available to INSS retirees, providing a comprehensive view of how they can improve their daily lives.

INSS retirees, get ready! 2024 brings a list of 10 incredible benefits for you to enjoy. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

INSS retirees are entitled to 10 benefits in 2024

Discover the ten benefits for INSS retirees in 2024:

1. Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC)

The Continuous Payment Benefit is one of the main privileges granted by the INSS in 2024.

In short, it consists of a monthly amount equivalent to a minimum wage, intended for elderly people in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability.

This benefit aims to guarantee financial support for those who need it most, providing important financial relief.

2. Free medicines

Another significant advantage is the opportunity to obtain free medicines through the Farmácia Popular program.

All that is required is to present a valid prescription, allowing retirees to access essential medicines at no cost.

3. Exemption from IPTU

In some Brazilian municipalities, retirees have the possibility of exempting themselves from paying Urban Land and Property Tax (IPTU).

However, it is important to note that the conditions for this exemption may vary according to each municipality. Therefore, it is essential to check the specific requirements in your location.

4. Income Tax Exemption

Retirees who receive pensions or pensions from the INSS and have an annual income of less than R$24,751.74 are entitled to exemption from Income Tax.

In principle, this exemption is a way to alleviate the tax burden on these people’s income, providing an additional financial benefit.

5. Priority in legal proceedings and assistance in public bodies

By law, elderly people have priority in legal proceedings and in public bodies. This measure aims to ensure that this population is served more quickly and efficiently, taking into account their specific needs.

6. Free public transport and interstate tickets

Retirees have the right to free use of public transport and can obtain free tickets for interstate travel, as long as they are in possession of the senior citizens’ card.

This facilitates mobility and allows older people to move more easily to different destinations.

7. Half-price entry to events is also one of the benefits for INSS retirees

In addition to students, seniors are also entitled to half-price admission to cultural, leisure and sporting events.

Namely, this advantage provides access to a variety of entertainment activities at reduced prices, allowing retirees to enjoy moments of fun and culture.

8. Reserved parking spaces

Reserving 5% of public or private parking spaces for the elderly is another measure that aims to make life easier for retirees.

In short, this ensures that there are available and accessible spaces to park vehicles, making getting around more convenient.

Other benefits for INSS retirees in 2024

Finally, in addition to the benefits mentioned, there are other advantages and important information that INSS retirees can explore to improve their quality of life and well-being.

Therefore, it is essential that elderly people are aware of their rights and contact the bodies responsible for granting these benefits to ensure that they can enjoy all the advantages available.

In summary, 2024 brings with it a series of valuable benefits for INSS retirees, providing financial support, access to medicines, tax exemptions and advantages in various areas of daily life.

Knowing and asserting these rights is essential to guarantee a better quality of life during retirement.

In this sense, retirees should inform themselves and make the most of these opportunities offered by the Brazilian government.

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