INSS retirees and workers have a course defined by the STF: find out everything!

Understand the changes defined by the STF that will impact INSS retirees and workers in 2024. Lifetime review, special retirement and labor rights in focus.

In a country where social security and labor rights are topics of great relevance, attention turns to the decisions of the Superior Federal Court (STF) in relation to retirees from the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and Brazilian workers.

As we enter the year 2024, expectations and uncertainties permeate the legal scenario, as the STF prepares to judge a series of social security and labor cases that could redefine the country’s social and economic panorama.

In this context, we will explore not only the social security issues at stake, but also the challenges faced by workers in search of protection and job guarantees.

Find out how the STF’s decisions on whole life review and other social security cases will affect INSS retirees and workers. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Whole Life Review and other social security judgments

Among the cases that arouse great interest is the long-awaited lifetime review, scheduled to take place on February 28th.

This process aims to revisit the criteria for calculating social security benefits, making room for contributions made in periods prior to the creation of the Real Plan to be considered, which can significantly impact the amounts received by INSS retirees.

Furthermore, other social security issues, such as special retirement for certain professional categories, are also under debate. The discussion takes into account the exposure of these workers to adverse conditions throughout their careers.

Labor rights in focus: employment relationship and dismissals

In the labor sphere, the STF will have the difficult task of deliberating on topics such as the employment relationship between app drivers and the companies that hire them.

This issue has generated intense debates since 2023. In short, it involves defining the status of these professionals and their right to registration. In practice, this can have significant repercussions for the labor market and the protection of labor rights.

In addition, the court will also analyze cases related to unfair dismissals of employees of state-owned companies and public servants. The idea is to discuss employment stability and the rights of public sector workers.

Perspectives for the future of INSS retirees

As we delve deeper into the details of these judgments, it becomes evident that the future of INSS retirees and Brazilian workers is intrinsically linked to the STF’s decisions.

The choices made by the court will shape the country’s pension and labor policies. And more than that: they will also define the degree of protection and social security offered to citizens.

Given this context, it is essential that we are attentive to the developments of these judgments, seeking to understand the implications they will have on our lives and the construction of a more fair and equitable society for all.

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