INSS retirees and pensioners face PRESENTÃO today (27)

Retirees and pensioners who receive INSS payments can celebrate, as there is a special benefit coming for them!

This Tuesday, the 27th, the INSS brought good news that filled the hearts of retirees and pensioners across the country with joy.

A significant victory was announced, marking the day with celebrations and fireworks, highlighting the importance of this moment for the beneficiaries.

But what exactly has changed? And how do these changes directly affect the lives of retirees? Check out the answers to all these questions below!

INSS retirees are about to receive payments from the institute. Check when you receive it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What’s new for retirees?

Initially, the National Social Security Institute (INSS), one of the government’s main support structures for retirees and registered workers, announced a significant update for its beneficiaries.

As the end of February approaches, the INSS confirmed that a specific group of beneficiaries would receive payment this Tuesday, the 27th.

This marks a turning point, especially for those who earn up to a minimum wage and have their NIS ending in 3, as this is the day their payments were released according to the INSS calendar.

Payment for those who receive a salary

February 23 – NIS ending February 126 – NIS ending February 227 – NIS ending February 328 – NIS ending February 429 – NIS ending March 51 – NIS ending 64 March – NIS ending March 75 – NIS ending March 86 – NIS ending March 97 – NIS ending 0

Payment for those who receive more than one salary

March 1 – NIS ending March 1 and 64 – NIS ending March 2 and 75 – NIS ending March 3 and 86 – NIS ending March 4 and 97 – NIS ending March 5 and 0

Impact and repercussion

This update not only brings financial relief to many, but also reinforces the importance of keeping citizens informed about their rights and benefits.

More than 39 million retirees and pensioners will be directly impacted by these payments in the year 2024, demonstrating the vast scale of this victory.

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News in the payment of the 13th for retirees

In 2024, INSS retirees and pensioners will face significant changes to the 13th salary payment schedule.

Unlike previous years, when payments were anticipated in months such as May and June, the new guideline announced by the Ministry of Social Security indicates that the installments will be paid in the months of August and November.

This change in the calendar represents a break in the pattern adopted during the Lula administration in 2023, which benefited more than 32.5 million people, injecting approximately R$62.6 billion into the economy.

Why changed?

The measure, previously seen as a strategy to financially assist the elderly, a risk group during the COVID-19 pandemic, now follows new guidance.

According to decree 10410, the first installment of the 13th salary, corresponding to 50% of the benefit value, will be paid in August, while the second installment, also 50%, in November.

This distribution aims to align with the monthly benefit payment schedule already established by the INSS.

For beneficiaries, it is crucial to pay attention to payment dates to ensure correct receipt of the benefit.

The value of the 13th is subject to adjustments according to the new minimum wage, maintaining the structure of two installments distributed in the last months of the year.

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