INSS plans EARLY retirement for up to 7 groups of Brazilians; find out if you are included

Several Brazilians will receive impressive benefits through the INSS. To do this, simply comply with the authority's rules.

In a move that generated waves of enthusiasm among Brazilian workers, the National Social Security Institute (INSS) announced a new feature that promises to transform the lives of many: the possibility of early retirement for seven professional groups.

In principle, the initiative, scheduled to begin in 2024, aims to provide greater safety and comfort for those who have dedicated years of their lives to activities under precarious or harmful conditions. So, check it out!

The INSS is planning to pay thousands of Brazilians soon. See who can receive it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Benefits of early INSS retirement

Firstly, early retirement is a special benefit that allows certain professionals to retire before the traditionally required minimum age.

Therefore, to be eligible, it is essential to meet specific requirements, such as a minimum period of social security contributions and proof of exposure to working conditions that are harmful to health.

This measure not only allows workers to withdraw from the job market earlier, but also ensures additional financial security, especially for those who face physical and mental challenges arising from their professions.

Groups Eligible for Early Retirement

In short, the seven professional groups identified by the INSS as eligible for early retirement in 2024 are:

AirlineNursesDoctorsDentistsIndustrial chemistsJournalistsBus drivers

These professions were selected due to the nature of their activities, which generally involve continuous exposure to risky conditions and substances harmful to health.

Stay informed: Seniors who meet THESE requirements receive a CALL from INSS to withdraw benefits

How do I request the INSS benefit?

Furthermore, professionals who meet the criteria established by the INSS can request early retirement through the Meu INSS portal (Android: or iOS:

The process includes filling out an electronic form and presenting necessary documents, such as the Social Security Professional Profile (PPP), which proves exposure to harmful conditions or substances throughout the professional career.

INSS payment calendar

Furthermore, it is crucial that retirees and pensioners pay attention to the INSS payment schedule to ensure they receive their benefits appropriately.

Payments are organized based on the value of the benefit and the last digit of the beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS). Check out.

One salary

February 23 – delivery to final NIS February 126 – delivery to final NIS February 227 – delivery to final NIS February 328 – delivery to final NIS February 429 – delivery to final NIS March 51 – delivery to final NIS 64 March – delivery to final NIS March 75 – delivery to final NIS March 86 – delivery to final NIS March 97 – delivery to final NIS 0

More than a salary

March 1st – delivery to final NIS March 1st and 64th – delivery to final NIS March 2nd and 75th – delivery to final NIS March 3rd and 86th – delivery to final NIS March 4th and 97th – delivery to final NIS 5th and 0

Pay attention to your INSS rights

Ultimately, the possibility of early retirement for these seven professional groups is news that brings hope and relief to many workers.

In short, this represents a recognition of the adverse conditions faced in certain professions and an opportunity for a well-deserved rest after years of dedication.

Therefore, as always, it is important that interested parties seek detailed information and prepare for the application process, ensuring that all requirements are met to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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