INSS makes decision on the 13th salary and retirees may be AFFECTED, check TODAY (02/22)

The INSS has not yet released the 2024 13th salary calendar, leaving retirees and pensioners anxious for updates after the historic anticipation in 2023.

Every year, millions of INSS beneficiaries can receive their 13th salary. The Christmas bonus, as it is also called, is always awaited by retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute.

This year, many beneficiaries expected to receive their 13th INSS salary in advance. President Lula (PT) spoke about the change in the official calendar. Continue reading this article to find out when the bonus will be paid.

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INSS announces news about the 13th salary of 2024: what changes for retirees and pensioners

In a move awaited by millions, the INSS finally commented on the payment of the 13th salary for 2024, bringing news that directly affects retirees and pensioners across the country.

This benefit, essential for many Brazilians, has generated expectations, especially after the changes in the payment calendar in the previous year.


In the year 2023, an unprecedented presidential decision brought forward the 13th for around 30 million beneficiaries, who received the benefit in two installments in the months of May and June.

This measure, although it did not represent an increase in annual income, was a relief for many, especially in a period of economic uncertainty.

2024 Calendar

To date, the INSS has not released an official calendar for the payment of the 13th salary in 2024, leaving retirees and pensioners in a limbo of expectations.

However, the body has already stated that the extra allowance will not be advanced this year. In other words, payments are expected to take place in August and November 2024.

Regular payments follow schedule

Despite the uncertainty regarding the 13th, the INSS has already released the calendar for regular payments in 2024.

More than 39 million benefits will be distributed, covering both assistance and social security. Payment dates vary depending on the beneficiary’s final NIS number, promising efficient organization to avoid delays.

How to check the benefits?

For policyholders, checking the amounts and payment dates is simple. The Meu INSS platform, accessible both via the web and through an app, offers all the necessary information with just a few clicks:

For those without internet access, the 135 call center remains available, ensuring that no one is left uninformed.

Keep an eye on updates

With uncertainty still hanging over the payment of the 13th salary by the INSS in 2024, it is crucial that beneficiaries remain vigilant to the agency’s official communications.

Meanwhile, the payment calendar now available allows for preliminary financial planning, which is essential to guarantee the well-being of retirees and pensioners throughout Brazil.

Check more payment details

The INSS 13th salary is a benefit paid annually to Social Security insured persons who receive:

Retirement by age; Retirement by contribution time; Sickness benefit; Accident benefit; Death pension; Incarceration benefit.

To be entitled to the 13th INSS salary, the insured must have received one of the benefits above for at least 15 days a year.

The value of the 13th salary is calculated proportionally to the number of months in which the benefit was received.

If you received sick pay for 6 months in 2023, for example, you will be entitled to 50% of the value of your 13th salary.

Finally, remember:

The INSS 13th salary is paid in two installments: the first in August and the second in December. The amounts of the INSS 13th salary are exempt from income tax. If you have any questions, contact the INSS by calling 135.

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