INSS has a new deadline for carrying out the proof of life in 2024

Proof of life is a mandatory process every year, through which the need to continue receiving retirement and pension payments from the INSS is established.

Proof of life is a mandatory annual ritual for all INSS beneficiaries, ensuring that retirement, pension and aid payments continue to flow without interruption.

Now, do you know exactly how to carry out this procedure and what are the deadlines for 2024? So follow the explanation so you don’t miss the deadline!

Proof of life is available for those who do not want to lose their INSS benefits. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

When should the life test be carried out?

For 2024, the INSS stipulated a period of 60 days from notification for the proof of life to be carried out.

With more than 43 million beneficiaries called up this year, it is crucial to pay attention to the dates and avoid any setbacks that could affect the receipt of your benefit.

How to test your life?

Furthermore, technology has been facilitating this process, allowing proof of life to be carried out in a practical and safe way. See how:

Meu INSS application: firstly, one of the most convenient ways to carry out the proof of life is through the Meu INSS application (Android: or iOS: Just download, log in and follow the instructions; In person: then, for those who prefer or need to do in person, Social Security agencies and partner banks are available. Check opening hours and the need for an appointment.

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INSS payment calendar in February

In addition to proof of life, keeping up to date with the INSS payment calendar is essential.

The INSS released the dates for those who receive up to a minimum wage and for those who receive above this amount, organizing payments in order to facilitate the financial organization of beneficiaries.

One salary

First of all, the calendar begins with the payment of those who receive amounts equivalent to the federal minimum wage, which is currently R$1,412:

End of benefit 1: February 23; End of benefit 2: February 26; End of benefit 3: February 27; End of benefit 4: February 28; End of benefit 5: February 29; End of benefit 6: March 1;End of benefit 7: March 4;End of benefit 8: March 5;End of benefit 9: March 6;End of benefit 0: March 7.

Above a salary

Finally, those who have access to larger payments, which go up to the INSS ceiling of R$7,786.02, should receive:

End of benefit 1 and 6: March 1;End of benefit 2 and 7: March 4;End of benefit 3 and 8: March 5;End of benefit 4 and 9: March 6;End of benefit 5 and 0 : March 7th.

Don’t forget to take the life test!

Proof of life is more than a formality; It is security for you and the system, preventing fraud and improper payments.

With the options available, performing this procedure has become more accessible, so there are no excuses for delay.

Finally, taking the INSS life test is an essential step to keeping your benefits up to date.

With technological facilities and in-person options, the process is simple and quick.

Remember to comply with this obligation within the established deadline and ensure the continuity of your benefit without interruptions.

Therefore, stay informed, organized and, above all, calm knowing that your rights are guaranteed.

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