INSS benefits being released without medical expertise in February? Know how!

Discover the new method of requesting INSS benefits without the bureaucracy of medical expertise. See how Atestmed can simplify and speed up your order.

Have you ever heard about INSS benefits being released without the need for a medical examination?

Well, imagine the possibility of requesting a temporary disability benefit without going through the bureaucracy of medical expertise.

Now, this is a reality for many Brazilians. Thanks to Atestmed, an innovative system, order analysis has become more agile and less stressful. Next, let’s dive into this topic. Look!

INSS benefits can now be released without medical expertise, thanks to the Atestmed system. Find out step by step how to send your medical certificate online. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

INSS benefits without medical expertise? Understand!

With Atestmed, you can send your medical certificate online, without leaving home. In 2023, more than 600 thousand benefits were granted in this way, making life easier for countless policyholders.

But be careful: in cases where documents are not sufficient, in-person expertise is still necessary.

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What is Atestmed?

Since the temporary closure of agencies in 2020, INSS has sought alternatives to maintain service.

Atestmed, implemented in 2023, is a reflection of this search for efficiency. In addition to reducing waiting times, the system contributed to significant savings for the institute.

The INSS is keeping an eye on fraud attempts. With the help of artificial intelligence, the institution analyzes thousands of documents to ensure the legitimacy of requests.

Therefore, it is essential that policyholders submit accurate and complete information.

Step by step for the request

To enter this new era of benefits without the need for medical expertise, follow these steps:

First, access the Meu INSS website or app: then, prepare your documents, ensuring that they are free of erasures and legible. Finally, send the necessary information, such as the diagnosis, date of issue of the certificate and identification of the doctor.

Attention to the details

If you are already waiting for an examination, but the date is far away, do not hesitate to send your documents again through Atestmed.

And remember: honesty is crucial, and presenting false documents is considered a crime.

Take advantage and request INSS benefits without medical expertise

In conclusion, the possibility of requesting INSS benefits without undergoing medical examination is a great victory for policyholders.

With Atestmed, the process has become more accessible and efficient, reflecting INSS’s commitment to continually improving its services.

Therefore, if you are looking for this benefit, take advantage of the facilities offered and guarantee your right with greater peace of mind.

With this information in hand, you are ready to navigate the INSS benefits application process without the need for a medical examination.

Good luck, and remember that technology is there to make our lives easier!

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