INSS benefits are being released without medical expertise and workers are UNACCEPTED

Recently, the INSS began to release the payment of important benefits without the need for medical expertise. Now, amounts reach applicants faster.

In a surprising measure, the INSS began to release sickness benefits without traditional medical expertise.

This approach aims to speed up the benefits authorization process, directly benefiting workers who are temporarily incapacitated.

With more than 1.1 million people on the waiting list, this initiative by the Ministry of Social Security represents a significant relief. Check out!

Have you ever thought about getting INSS benefits without needing medical expertise? See how to gain access! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Waiting time for benefits drops after INSS decision

Initially, the waiting period for the INSS to grant the temporary disability benefit fell to 26 days throughout Brazil, significantly improving the efficiency of the process.

This reduction in waiting time was possible thanks to the use of the Atestmed platform, which allows the analysis of medical certificates and reports without the need for an in-person medical examination.

Important changes

In December, for example, the average concession time was 26 days, an improvement compared to the 28 days recorded in November.

Throughout the year, 627,620 temporary disability benefits were granted through Atestmed, with December recording the highest number of grants.

In short, Atestmed emerged as a valuable tool to speed up the process of granting benefits, benefiting both policyholders and medical experts by prioritizing highly complex cases for in-person evaluation.

How does the new INSS process work?

Furthermore, the INSS adopted a document analysis system, in which applicants’ medical certificates and reports are evaluated without the need for an in-person examination.

Workers must send their medical documentation through the Atestmed platform (developed specifically for this purpose, facilitating the process of requesting the benefit completely online.

What is INSS sickness benefit?

In summary, sickness benefit is a benefit granted to workers who are temporarily unable to carry out their work activities, whether due to illness or accident.

To be entitled to this benefit, you must have contributed to Social Security and present a medical certificate proving your incapacity for work.

Request sick pay online

To request sickness benefit online, simply access the Meu INSS website or application (Android: or iOS: log in and follow the instructions to send the necessary documents.

In fact, medical certificates must contain detailed information, including the diagnosis, the date of rest and the estimated time for recovery.

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How does INSS medical expertise work?

Medical expertise at the INSS is a procedure in which an expert doctor evaluates the worker’s health condition to verify their temporary or permanent incapacity for work due to illness or accidents.

During the examination, the expert analyzes the certificates, medical reports and performs a physical examination on the applicant. Based on this assessment, the expert decides on the granting, continuity or termination of benefits such as sickness benefit or disability retirement.

It is essential that the insured person presents all relevant medical documentation and is prepared to provide detailed information about their health condition.

Other INSS benefits that still require expertise

In addition to sickness benefit, other INSS benefits that require medical expertise include disability retirement, intended for those who are permanently unable to work.

There is accident assistance, for insured people who suffered accidents that resulted in permanent consequences affecting their work capacity.

In addition, there is also the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), offered to elderly people and people with disabilities who demonstrate that they do not have the means to provide for their own maintenance.

Medical expertise assesses the severity of health conditions and related incapacity, which are essential for granting these benefits.

Don’t be left out!

Finally, this new INSS approach to releasing sickness benefit without medical expertise represents a significant innovation in the institute’s processes. Furthermore, it is promoting greater efficiency and agility in meeting the needs of Brazilian workers.

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