INSS and the possible cut in payments; understand the urgent announcement from the Institute

INSS beneficiaries should pay even more attention this month to the possibility of cuts in their benefit payments. Check out!

Every month, thousands of people receive payments from the National Social Security Institute (INSS) through social security or assistance benefits. However, this reality may be under threat.

Recently, the institute issued a statement informing about the possibility of suspending several benefits. Understand what is at stake!

Do you receive INSS payments monthly? So keep an eye out so you don’t run the risk of losing the benefit! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

INSS talks about suspension of benefits

Initially, during an edition of Bom Dia São Paulo, Ana Paula Araújo brought a crucial update for INSS beneficiaries, emphasizing the importance of proof of life.

The presenter then revealed that the INSS called on around 4 million insured people born in the first months of the year to regularize their situation, highlighting the risk of payments being blocked if proof of life is not carried out within 60 days after the birth. notification.

Understand the obligation to provide proof of life

In summary, proof of life is a mandatory annual procedure for INSS beneficiaries, aiming to confirm its existence and guarantee the continuity of payments.

The INSS has adopted different methods to facilitate this process, including access to the Meu INSS application (Android: or iOS: loans with biometrics, in-person service at branches, and more.

These measures aim to ensure that beneficiaries can comply with this requirement in a practical and safe way.

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Complete list of what serves as INSS proof of life

As determined by regulations, the following procedures are accepted as evidence for proof of life:

Taking out loans using biometrics;Using the Meu INSS application or systems of government entities that have secure access systems;Personal appearance at INSS agencies;Using services that employ biometrics in affiliated institutions;Performing medical expertise, whether in person or remotely;Vaccination services or care in public or accredited health establishments;Registration or update procedures in traffic or security agencies;Withdrawal of benefits through biometrics;Participation in electoral processes;Renewal or issuance of personal documents such as passport, CNH, ID or work card; Military enlistment; Submission of Income Tax Declaration, whether as holder or dependent; Among other official activities that require physical presence or biometric identification.

After carrying out any of these actions, the INSS will verify the information in its database to validate the beneficiary’s proof of life.

Pay attention to the news!

In general, it is essential that policyholders pay attention to INSS notices and carry out proof of life within the stipulated period to avoid any interruption to their benefits.

The INSS initiative to reinforce this call through public figures such as Ana Paula Araújo demonstrates the importance of this procedure for maintaining the security and integrity of the social security system.

What changed in INSS payment in 2024?

Furthermore, in 2024, the increase in the minimum wage to R$1,412 also raised the INSS floor, directly impacting retirees and pensioners who receive a minimum wage, with an adjustment of 8.4% compared to 2023.

This adjustment means that social security benefits, including retirement and pensions, will correspond to the new minimum wage value.

It is important to highlight that this increase will be applied from February payments, referring to the month worked in January.

Finally, the change in the minimum value of INSS benefits is a direct consequence of the annual variation in the minimum wage, following the adjustment policy that aims to maintain the purchasing power of beneficiaries in the face of inflation and other economic variables.

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