INSS aid under threat? Understand the new inspection and the END of some payments

With the agency’s new inspection, many beneficiaries are at risk of losing payments! Check out all the details about the potential end of INSS aid.

At a time of tension for INSS policyholders, a new wave of inspections raises awareness about the continuity of certain aid, especially a payment that is made to millions of Brazilians.

With the system being thoroughly searched for irregularities, understand now what is changing and how you can protect yourself from possible cuts and scams!

INSS aid undergoes new inspection! Credit: plasticaxe.

The vital role of the INSS in Brazil

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) plays a crucial role in the social protection of Brazilian workers.

Through various benefits, such as sickness benefit, the INSS guarantees financial support in times of vulnerability, such as illnesses and temporary disabilities.

In this sense, any change in its operation and supervision directly impacts millions of lives. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on it.

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INSS intensifies aid inspection

Recently, the INSS identified an increasing number of frauds involving sickness benefit, with false documentation being presented to obtain the benefit.

This situation led the agency to adopt more rigorous measures, with the implementation of a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the information contained in the medical documents presented by policyholders.

How does the new inspection work?

The new INSS analysis tool compares data such as the doctor’s spelling and the number of certificates issued, looking for any discrepancies that could indicate fraud.

If any inconsistencies are found, the case is forwarded for a more detailed analysis by the servers.

In other words: policyholders will need to be even more attentive to the accuracy and veracity of the information provided to the INSS.

The change mainly affects those who request temporary disability benefit, popularly known as sickness benefit.

The new enforcement policy may result in the termination of payments for cases that do not strictly meet established criteria, elevating the importance of a meticulous and transparent application process.

Therefore, in February 2024, many beneficiaries are terrified of the possibility of canceling payments.

How to protect your INSS benefit?

To avoid interruptions in receiving sickness benefits and protect themselves against possible scams, policyholders must follow some essential guidelines:

Clear, erasure-free documentation: Make sure all medical or dental documentation is legible, current (no older than 90 days from the application date) and erasure-free. It must contain detailed information, such as the diagnosis, signature and identification of the issuing professional, and the period required for rest. Compliance with eligibility rules: Understand and strictly follow the eligibility rules for sickness benefit. This includes proof of total incapacity and the need to leave work activities. Correct use of the system: With the implementation of changes in the benefit request process, such as the exemption from login and password on My INSS for certain stages, it is vital to maintain Be informed about the correct procedure to avoid errors that could compromise your request.

How do I request INSS aid?

Along with the new inspection phase, the sickness benefit application process was simplified to facilitate access for policyholders.

Now, it is possible to start the request directly on the Meu INSS home page (, without the need for a login and password, using only the validation of the full name and CPF.

After filling in the necessary data and attaching the medical documentation, the insured can finalize sending the request.

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Be careful not to lose your benefit!

Amid the new INSS inspection measures, it is extremely important that policyholders are well informed and prepared to protect their rights.

Accuracy in documentation and compliance with eligibility rules are more important than ever to ensure the continuity of essential benefits such as sick pay.

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