Inmet issues maximum ALERT for cyclone and heavy rains; know everything!

Recently, Inmet warned about the risk of extremely heavy rain and the possibility of a cyclone. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the forecast.

With Carnival marked by high temperatures and sunny days, the scenario is about to change drastically. A new subtropical cyclone is forming off the coast, bringing with it the promise of intense rain for several regions.

Therefore, to know which cities should be on alert and even how to take care of yourself during storms, it is important to pay attention to the forecast. Check out.

Brazilians should be aware of the possibility of experiencing heavy rain soon. Check the forecast. / Photo: publicity

The cyclone approaches

Initially, the formation of this subtropical cyclone is already in motion, moving towards the east and predicted to affect areas from the north coast of São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, with Paraty and Angra dos Reis in the center of attention. The forecast rains are heavy and require attention.

Red alert: maximum attention

Furthermore, the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET) did not hesitate to issue a red alert for São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, indicating great danger.

The recommendation is clear: residents of these regions should seek shelter, avoid risk areas such as slopes and riverbanks and be prepared to act quickly in the event of an emergency.

Rains across the country

In addition to the cyclone, a cold front is bringing rain to southern Brazil, with Santa Catarina and Paraná expecting accumulations of up to 30 mm.

In the Southeast, the same cold front brings significant rain, especially to the south of Espírito Santo and parts of Minas Gerais, where accumulations can vary between 40 and 80 mm.

Midwest and Northeast: sporadic rains

Firstly, in the Central-West, the rains will be intermittent, alternating with periods of sun. Despite lower volumes, winds and lightning are expected.

In the Northeast, the rains will also be quick and interspersed with heat, with possible flooding in the south of Ceará, the interior of Paraíba and Pernambuco.

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North: light precipitation

Furthermore, the North Region will see rapid and low-intensity rains, except in the north of Amazonas, where volumes can reach 80 mm, indicating a greater risk of flooding and associated disturbances.

How to prepare for heavy rains?

With heavy rainfall forecast and the potential for significant disruption, it is crucial to take preventive measures.

During storms, your safety is paramount. First, avoid risk areas such as slopes and riverbanks, where landslides and floods are more likely.

At home, unplug electrical appliances to avoid damage from power surges. Stay informed through official weather alerts and have an emergency kit ready, including water, non-perishable food, flashlights and a battery-powered radio.

Furthermore, avoid leaving your home during the height of the storm and, if you are outside, seek immediate shelter in safe, structured places. Finally, keep open lines of communication with family and friends to inform them of your safety.

Who can I turn to in case of an emergency?

In cases of emergencies arising from rain, immediately contact local emergency services, such as the Fire Department (number 193) and Civil Defense (number 199).

These entities are prepared to offer assistance in situations of flooding, landslides or any other associated risk.

In this sense, it is essential to have these numbers saved on your phone and in an easily accessible place to ensure a quick response if necessary.

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