Increase your CREDIT limit at Nubank without having to undergo analysis: APPROVED technique!

Nubank offers several credit options to its customers. Find out how to increase your fintech credit card limit.

Nubank is one of the largest banks in Brazil. Fintech was founded in 2013 and offers a series of options to its customers, such as investments and credits. The ordering process is considered easy and intuitive.

Even so, some customers find it difficult to know how to request an increase in their credit card limit. Therefore, we will address the topic in this article.

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How to get a good credit limit at Nubank: tips and strategies

Nubank is known for its practicality and for offering a pre-approved credit limit to its customers.

Offers a free digital account with several benefits such as unlimited transfers; bill payment; credit card with no annual fee.

However, to achieve a good limit, it is important to follow some tips and strategies.

These are the main tips for obtaining a limit from the Bank: pay bills on time; compliance; regular score; good relationship with the financial market; use the card frequently for various expenses; use the application frequently; referral to friends; make investments;

However, there are still special tips: avoid using the limit on a rotating basis; fixed and proven income; positive balance in your checking account and salary portability and use of the reward program.

With these tips, it is possible to request a limit increase after three months of using the card combined with a good credit history, with a formal request through the Nubank app. Each case is analyzed individually.

The Bank also offers Nubank Rewards, a points rewards program that can be exchanged for various benefits, such as travel, products and services.

Check out the disadvantages highlighted by users

The bank does not offer a checkbook, which can be a problem for some people who still use this payment method.

It does not have physical branches; an obstacle for some customers who prefer traditional service.

The withdrawal limit is monthly, a problem for people who need to withdraw large amounts of cash.

Fees and fees apply when withdrawing from ATMs from other banks. The Institution does not yet offer all products available on the market.

There are also problems and customer discontent.

Difficulties with customer service, long queues, chat with generic responses and lack of resolution are the main complaints.

The digital platform presents errors in the application, instability and slowness are recurring problems that impact customers’ daily lives.

Frustration increases when such failures prevent important transactions from being carried out or cause unnecessary disruption.

Lack of support for specific issues, such as fraud, chargebacks and billing disputes, can cause difficulties in resolution.

The lack of a specialized service channel for such situations generates even more dissatisfaction and insecurity among customers.

Reduction of benefits: Nubank, in search of sustainability, revised some of its benefits, such as the cashback policy and withdrawal fees.

This change, although understandable, generated discontent among some customers who felt injured and disappointed with the company.

Changes to rules and policies are frequent changes to Nubank’s rules and policies, such as credit limits and fees.

This can generate insecurity and distrust in customers. Lack of clarity and transparent communication about such changes contributes to dissatisfaction.

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