INCREASE of R$62.04 in the minimum wage confirmed TODAY

Every year, Brazilian workers receive important increases in the minimum wage. However, in 2024 there may be another important adjustment.

In 2024, the minimum wage in Brazil receives a significant boost, surpassing the R$1,412.00 mark, accompanied by an additional increase that promises to boost the economy and bring more joy to millions of Brazilians.

Therefore, if you want to know if you are eligible for the increase, it is a good idea to check the most important benefit rules and pay attention to the request. So, shall we go?

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Understand the minimum wage

The minimum wage is the base amount that a formal worker must receive per month, a guarantee established to protect those at the base of the wage pyramid.

Determined annually, it reflects economic factors such as inflation and the country’s growth. In 2024, the minimum wage was set at R$1,412.00, but with an additional amount that leads to an even higher total for beneficiaries under specific conditions.

A welcome addition: R$620.4 extra!

The big news is the increase of R$620.4, linked to the family allowance benefit, intended for workers with dependents up to 14 years old or disabled children of any age.

This increase is a government effort to support families in raising and caring for children, ensuring additional financial support for related expenses.

Who is entitled to an increase in the minimum wage?

To be entitled to an increase in family allowance and, consequently, an increase in the minimum wage, it is necessary:

Have children or dependents up to 14 years of age or disabled children of any age. Have a monthly salary below R$ 1,819.26. This value considers the total contribution salary, even if it is the sum of multiple activities.

How to request family allowance?

The process for requesting family allowance varies depending on the type of employment relationship:

Domestic employees: must request the benefit directly from the employer, who will be responsible for the application with the competent bodies; Casual workers: the benefit must be requested from the union or linked labor management body; Retirees and pensioners: the request must be made directly in the INSS, where the value of the benefit will be added to the social security benefit itself.

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Required documentation

When requesting family allowance, have on hand:

Identification document with photo and CPF.Term of responsibility.Birth certificate of each dependent.Vaccination record (for dependents up to 6 years old).Proof of school attendance (for school dependents).

Family allowance is an essential benefit to support workers with eligible children or dependents, providing welcome financial relief.

With the significant increase in the minimum wage in 2024 and the increase provided by the family wage, a positive impact on the purchasing power and quality of life of millions of Brazilians is expected, reinforcing the importance of public policies aimed at supporting families .

Similar INSS benefits

Finally, there is also the INSS Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) which is an aid intended for elderly people over 65 years of age and people with disabilities of any age who prove that they do not have the means to provide for their own maintenance or have it provided by their family.

The value of the BPC corresponds to a minimum wage and aims to guarantee minimum support for basic needs, promoting social inclusion and dignity for the most vulnerable groups in Brazilian society.

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