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Transform your WhatsApp conversations with simple formatting tricks. Learn how to use bold, italics, strikethrough and monospace to impress your contacts.

Have you ever wanted to highlight your messages on WhatsApp and didn’t know how? Today, we’re going to unveil the LETTERS trick that promises to take your conversations to another level!

After all, who doesn’t like to add a special touch to their messages, right? So, get ready to impress all your contacts with these incredible tips.

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What is the WhatsApp lyrics trick?

First, let’s talk about the basics: bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace. These styles can completely transform how your message is perceived.

In this sense, imagine highlighting an important word or expressing sarcasm with a simple strikethrough. With WhatsApp, this is not only possible, but also very easy!

To add these effects, you can use special characters or access the app’s editing tools.

Below, we’ll explore each of these options and show how you can use these features to make your conversations even more dynamic and engaging.

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How to highlight messages on WhatsApp?

Check it out:

Bold: Want to emphasize something important? Just add asterisks

before and after the word or phrase. For example, important becomes important.Italics: Ideal for highlighting book titles or expressing subtle emphasis. Use underscores (_) before and after the text. Thus, a book becomes a book.Strikethrough: To express a correction or additional comment in a creative way, use the tilde (~) before and after. error becomes error.Monospaced: To give it a typewriter feel or highlight a piece of code, insert three backticks () before and after it. "code" becomes "code"`.

In addition to these tricks, WhatsApp makes life even easier for its users with editing shortcuts for Android and iOS.

On Android, tap and hold the text, access options via the three-dot icon and choose your formatting style. On iOS, select the text, tap "BIU" and apply the desired effect.

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Tips for impressing in conversations

Combine styles: Don’t limit yourself to a single effect. Try combining bold, italics and strikethrough in the same sentence to make your message stand out even more.Use monospace to share codes or information that needs special highlighting.Take advantage of the app’s keyboard shortcuts for quick and efficient formatting, making your conversations more agile and impressive.

Remember, the LETTERS trick on WhatsApp is not just limited to beautifying your messages, but also communicating more effectively and creatively.

With these tips, you will certainly make your conversations more interesting and engaging. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find new ways to express your ideas.

After all, a well-formatted message not only attracts attention, but also demonstrates care and attention to detail.

Now that you know the secrets, you’re ready to surprise and delight everyone in your next chat!

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