Important changes should reach the MEI in 2024; know what to expect

This year, every MEI who wants to continue maintaining their company must pay attention to the changes. Fortunately, there are some exciting changes to the class!

The Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) faces a scenario of significant changes in 2024, bringing new opportunities and challenges. Therefore, it is important not to miss updates.

Among the most anticipated changes is the increase in the billing limit and the expansion of contracting possibilities, in addition to benefits in the energy field.

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What are the current MEI rules?

Currently, the MEI must follow rules such as an annual revenue limit of up to R$81,000, permission to hire only one employee and the need to carry out an economic activity permitted within the categories established by legislation.

In addition, the MEI must contribute monthly to Social Security through the DAS (Simples Nacional Collection Document), thus guaranteeing rights such as retirement and sickness benefit. See below some changes that are coming.

Expanding horizons for MEI

One of the most anticipated changes is the proposal to raise MEI’s annual revenue ceiling from R$81,000 to R$141,000, also allowing the hiring of up to two employees.

This measure, approved by the Senate, awaits a vote in the Chamber and promises to encourage the growth of small businesses.

Smooth transition

Next, another proposed innovation is the "transition ramp" for MEIs that exceed the revenue limit by up to 20%.

This measure offers an adaptation period of 180 days, facilitating the transition to the microenterprise category, if it is more advantageous.

Government incentives for MEI

The Desenrola Brasil program, extended to MEIs, offers the chance to renegotiate debts, promoting financial relief.

Furthermore, the possibility of paying renegotiated debts in installments for users with a bronze seal on is a recent facility.

More affordable energy

The PL 1377/22 proposal aims to include MEIs in the Social Electricity Tariff, guaranteeing discounts that can vary from 10 to 65% on energy consumption, an essential measure for businesses that depend on high energy consumption.

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Fairer retirement is MEI's right

One potential change on the horizon is the creation of a progressive tax table for the MEI, which could result in a more substantial retirement than the current benefit limited to a minimum wage.

This change requires careful assessment of immediate financial impacts versus long-term benefits.

How to become a microentrepreneur?

Finally, to register as a MEI, access the Entrepreneur Portal (, click on "I want to be a MEI" and then on "Formalize yourself".

Fill out the form with your personal data, define the activities you will carry out and the address of your business.

After completing registration, you will receive your CNPJ and will be officially registered as a MEI. Remember to issue the DAS monthly and keep your data updated on the portal.

Important changes for MEI

These changes reflect the recognition of the importance of microentrepreneurs for the Brazilian economy and the continuous effort to improve entrepreneurship conditions in the country.

Staying informed and adaptable is essential for MEIs who want to successfully navigate this evolving landscape.

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