iFood and Uber for free? Understand Itaú’s new promotion with unbelievable benefits

Free iFood and Uber with the new Itaú promotion! Check out how Itaú Personnalité’s ‘My Advantages’ program is redefining banking benefits and offering incredible experiences for its customers.

Imagine having free iFood and Uber? It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Because Itaú, one of Brazil’s banking giants, is making this a reality.

Competition in the banking market is fierce, and to gain an advantage, Itaú launches an audacious promotion. Find out more below

Itaú raises the standard in banking benefits with free credits on Uber and iFood. (Photo: Disclosure).

In principle, Itaú’s promotion comes with a flavor of innovation. While banks like Nubank already offer attractive advantages, Itaú decided to go further.

They are offering nothing more, nothing less, than credits to use on Uber and iFood. Yes, you read that right: essential everyday services, now on track!

How it works?

Itaú is not messing around in service. Itaú Personnalité's "My Advantages" program is the heart of this new offer.

When purchasing bank products and services, customers accumulate points. These points, in turn, unlock different tiers of rewards.

Joy levels

The joy begins at level 3 of the program. Here, customers are entitled to a special credit. You can choose between R$25 to spend on Uber or iFood, or if you prefer, R$30 on the Café Orfeu website.

For those who reach level 4, the options are even more tempting: R$45 at Café Orfeu or R$35 at Uber or iFood. It’s practically an invitation to enjoy the best of life at no extra cost!

A banking revolution?

What Itaú is doing is not just a promotion, it is a revolution. Offering such popular services as iFood and Uber for free is a masterstroke.

With these advantages, the bank not only attracts new customers, but also creates a deeper and more satisfying relationship with current ones.

This initiative by Itaú shows a clear understanding of what modern customers value. It’s not just about low rates or banking facilities.

It’s about enriching customers’ daily lives with experiences they truly want. And who doesn’t want an Uber ride or an iFood meal without touching their pockets?

A new chapter in the financial market

Finally, this promotion by Itaú can be seen as a new chapter in the financial market. Banks are evolving, offering more than financial services.

They are becoming an integral part of customers’ lifestyles. With benefits like these, Itaú is not just beating the competition, it is redefining what it means to be a bank in the modern era.

In conclusion, if you are an Itaú Personnalité customer, this is a golden opportunity. If you’re not already, it might be time to reconsider your banking options.

Promotions like this one from Itaú aren’t just about saving money, they’re about making the most of life. And after all, who doesn’t want a little more joy and convenience in their everyday lives?

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