If you have THESE vehicles, know that you will no longer need a driver's license; understand!

Have you ever thought about no longer needing to use your driver’s license to travel? There is a project that suggests suspending the need in the case of some specific cars.

With the recent changes in traffic legislation, a new milestone is about to impact many drivers: the driver’s license will no longer be mandatory for certain vehicles.

This regulatory adjustment promises to redefine the qualification needs and the relationship between Brazilians and urban mobility. Check out what they are and think carefully before taking out the document!

Do you want to dispense with your driver’s license once and for all? See which vehicles no longer need the document! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Discover vehicles that do not require a driver’s license

In an unexpected turn of events, the new legislation established clear criteria for classifying vehicles, especially with regard to mopeds and electric bicycles.

Until July 2023, electric scooters, which were previously considered equivalent to electric bicycles and therefore free from the need for a license, are now classified as mopeds. This reclassification brings with it the requirement for registration, qualification and even the payment of IPVA.

The current classification is divided as follows:

Moped: vehicle with two or three wheels, with an engine of up to 50 cm³ and a maximum speed of 50 km/h; Bicycle: propelled exclusively by human power, with no similarity to motorcycles, scooters or mopeds; Scooters, motorized unicycles and skateboards: individual mobility with self-propulsion.

The importance of the driver’s license in the current context

The National Driving License remains a crucial document, not only as proof of legal ability to drive, but also as a widely recognized piece of identification.

The process for obtaining a driver’s license remains unchanged: candidates must be at least 18 years old, take theoretical and practical classes at an accredited driving school, and pass DETRAN exams, in addition to medical and psychotechnical exams.

A relevant new feature concerns the validity of the driver’s license, which now varies from 3 to 10 years, depending on the driver’s age.

For those under 50 years of age, the validity extends for 10 years, while for those between 50 and 70 years of age, the period is 5 years. For drivers over 70 years old, renewal is necessary every 3 years.

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Renewing your license: what has changed?

CNH renewal can be done both in person and online. The new CNH model brings visual and functional improvements, including a table with vehicle images, indicating the categories that the driver is authorized to drive and information in three languages ​​(Portuguese, English and Spanish), facilitating identification on international trips. An international code, similar to passports, was also added.

Don’t forget your license for other vehicles

In the case of other cars, it is good to pay attention to your driver’s license. This is because being caught driving without a driver’s license constitutes a serious traffic offense in Brazil.

According to the Brazilian Traffic Code, driving a vehicle without the appropriate license not only puts the safety of the driver himself at risk, but also that of other road users.

The penalty for this infraction includes a significant fine and retention of the vehicle until a qualified driver is present.

In addition to the immediate legal consequences, being caught driving without a driver’s license can negatively impact the process of obtaining or renewing a license in the future, reinforcing the importance of always driving in a regulated manner.

Stay tuned for news about the CNH!

With the implementation of this new legislation, it is essential that drivers are aware of the changes and current legal obligations.

The driver’s license continues to be an essential pillar in traffic, certifying the ability to drive and delimiting the permitted vehicles by category.

Keeping up with changes and complying with new requirements is crucial for driving safely and in accordance with the law. Urban mobility is constantly evolving, and being informed is the first step to safely navigating this dynamic scenario.

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