I am MEI and I am PREGNANT, can I receive maternity benefit?

Women who are MEI do not have labor rights, but can have access to Social Security benefits, such as maternity benefit.

Did you know that, even if you are an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), you have labor rights similar to those of other formal workers?

Yes it is true! And one of these rights is maternity benefit. To do this, however, it is important to comply with the rules that the National Social Security Institute (INSS) stipulates. Check out.

If you are MEI and are about to have a baby, see if you can access maternity benefit! / Photo: publicity

What is maternity benefit?

Maternity benefit is a benefit granted by the INSS to workers who take time off from their work activities due to the birth of a child, adoption or legal custody for adoption purposes. This benefit aims to ensure financial security during this important period.

Is MEI entitled?

Yes! If you are a MEI and regularly contribute to the INSS, you are entitled to maternity benefit. The monthly MEI contribution already includes the amounts allocated to Social Security, which guarantees you access to this and other benefits.

How to apply for maternity benefit?

To request maternity benefit, you must contact the INSS, either via the website (phone 135 or in person at one of its agencies.

It is important to have documents such as ID, CPF, child’s birth certificate, and proof of contribution such as MEI on hand.

What is the value of the benefit?

The amount of maternity benefit for MEI is calculated based on the last 12 months of contributions. It is important to highlight that the benefit has a minimum value, which corresponds to the current minimum wage, and a maximum value, established by Social Security.

How long will I receive maternity benefit?

Maternity benefit is paid for 120 days, and can be started up to 28 days before birth and extended in the case of adoption, depending on the age of the adopted child.

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Important Tips

Keep your contributions up to date to ensure access to aid and other benefits;Organize the necessary documentation in advance to speed up the application process;If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to seek out an accountant or a lawyer specializing in labor rights.

Remember: being informed about your rights is the first step to ensuring that they are respected.

Maternity benefit is essential support at this special moment, which is the arrival of a new member in the family. Take good care of yourself and your baby, and know that the system is there to support you.

What benefits are MEI rights?

Individual Microentrepreneurs have important rights for their protection and development in the business world. Among them, the right to retirement due to age or disability, sickness benefit and maternity benefit stands out, guaranteeing support in crucial moments.

In addition, MEI has access to banking services, such as credit, and the issuance of invoices for legal entity customers.

Other benefits include the simplification of tax payments through the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS) and the possibility of hiring an employee at a lower cost.

Which are not MEI rights?

On the other hand, the MEI is not entitled to some social security benefits available for other contribution schemes, such as retirement based on contribution time and unemployment insurance.

Furthermore, there are limitations regarding annual revenue, which must not exceed R$81,000.00, and the MEI cannot be a partner, administrator or owner of another company.

There are also restrictions on the type of activity that can be carried out, with some regulated professions at a technical or academic level outside the scope of the MEI.

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