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Explore the opportunities offered by CadÚnico: 400 scholarships available for beneficiaries. Find out how to compete and transform your life through education.

In the current socioeconomic panorama, the search for opportunities to qualify and enter the job market is a reality faced by many Brazilians.

In this context, the Single Registry (CadÚnico) emerges as a fundamental tool for identifying families in vulnerable situations.

Furthermore, the system also allows development opportunities to be offered through social programs, such as scholarships.

Discover how the Single Registry can open doors to professional qualifications: 400 scholarship vacancies highlighted. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Scholarships through CadÚnico: learn about the strategy

The Ministry of Social Development, in partnership with the Regional Administration Council of the Federal District (CRA/DF), recently announced the offer of 400 scholarship places for CadÚnico beneficiaries.

In short, this initiative reaffirms the government’s commitment to promoting socioeconomic inclusion and combating inequality through education and professional qualifications.

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Promoting overcoming poverty through education

For the Minister of Social Development, Wellington Dias, investing in education is essential to combat poverty and open new perspectives for Brazilians in vulnerable situations.

By providing access to education and professional skills, the government aims to not only provide employment opportunities, but also empower beneficiaries to build a more prosperous and sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Beyond scholarships: measures of support and dignity

In addition to scholarships, CadÚnico offers other support and assistance measures to beneficiaries.

A recent example is the Menstrual Dignity Promotion and Protection Program. In general, the initiative guarantees free access to sanitary pads for registered women between 10 and 49 years old.

This initiative aims not only to guarantee the health and well-being of women, but also to promote gender equality and respect for human dignity.

How to participate in CadÚnico?

To participate in the programs available through CadÚnico, it is necessary to meet the established criteria. Namely, they include monthly per capita income and other specific requirements for each program.

In principle, these criteria aim to direct resources to those who need them most, ensuring effectiveness and transparency in the distribution of benefits.

Data update: ensure continuous access to benefits

It is essential that families registered with CadÚnico keep their data updated, updating every 24 months or whenever there are changes in family composition, address or income.

This measure aims to ensure that benefits reach families who really need them, avoiding fraud and ensuring the efficiency of social programs.

Transforming lives through education and social inclusion

In short, the scholarships and other programs available through CadÚnico represent not only opportunities for qualification and insertion into the job market, but also a gateway to a better and more dignified life for thousands of Brazilians.

Investing in education and social inclusion is investing in the country’s future, building a more fair, equal and prosperous society for all.

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