Hundreds of drivers could lose their driver's license; understand the reason and the affected region

Who is at risk of losing their driver’s license for a somewhat unusual reason? Drivers IN THIS region should pay attention to this new development.

With a recent publication in the Official Gazette, Detran listed more than 500 drivers who are at risk of having their National Driving Licenses (CNH) suspended.

The announcement puts the aforementioned drivers on alert, who now face the possibility of losing their right to drive! See below if you are among the drivers at risk.

Many drivers may lose their driver’s license! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is the CNH? What is it for?

The National Driving License (CNH) is the official document that authorizes an individual to drive motor vehicles throughout Brazilian territory.

Issued by the State Traffic Departments (DETRANs), the CNH is essential for anyone who wishes to drive legally in Brazil.

To issue a driver’s license, it is necessary to go through a process that involves several steps, including lessons at driving schools and theoretical and practical exams.

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What can you take that can make you lose your driver’s license?

CNH suspension is a penalty applied to drivers who accumulate traffic violations or commit crimes considered serious by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB).

In the specific case of drivers listed by Detran of the Federal District, they have a period of 30 days, counting from the date of publication in the DODF, to present an appeal to the Administrative Board of Infractions Appeals (Jari).

If all defense options are unsuccessful, the driver’s driver’s license will be suspended for a period ranging from 2 to 12 months. The start of the penalty will be defined based on the results of the appeals presented.

Suspension process and defense of drivers

If drivers do not appeal or have their penalties maintained after the second instance judgment, the suspension will be effective within 60 days or on the 31st day after the final decision, depending on the case.

During this period, drivers have the opportunity to defend their rights and seek to reverse the decision.

Losing your driver’s license brings several problems for drivers

For drivers whose license suspension becomes effective, the path to regaining the right to drive includes mandatory completion of a refresher course and passing a corresponding exam.

Therefore, failure to comply with these requirements or failure in the refresher course will maintain the suspension of the driver’s license.

Even more serious, if the driver is caught driving a vehicle during the suspension period, he or she will face an administrative process to have the driver’s license revoked.

As provided for in the CTB, this can lead to the permanent loss of the right to drive, forcing the driver to wait two years to restart the licensing process from scratch.

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How to issue a driver’s license after losing the document?

After a period of two years, drivers who have had their driver’s license revoked will be able to start the process again to obtain their license.

This means going through all the initial steps, including theoretical and practical classes offered by Detran, in addition to the theoretical and practical tests necessary to issue a new license document.

This scenario highlights the importance of driving responsibly and respecting traffic laws, thus avoiding severe consequences such as suspension or revocation of the driver’s license.

For drivers listed by the DF Detran, the time is to act quickly to defend their rights and, if possible, avoid the loss of a fundamental document for freedom of movement.

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