How much do I receive if I leave R$100 THOUSAND or more in Nubank? Check out the yields!

Discover the potential income by leaving a considerable amount in the Nubank digital account and make more informed financial decisions, having economic stability.

Have you ever wondered what the return would be when investing a significant amount, like R$100,000, in a digital account like Nubank?

In today’s world, where investment options are so many and varied, it is essential to know how your money can work for you.

Discover now the returns that Nubank offers for robust investments.

Have financial stability by investing in Nubank. Know how. / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

A New Horizon for Investors

Nubank revolutionized the Brazilian financial market with its proposal to simplify people’s financial lives. But, in addition to offering day-to-day banking facilities, it also presents itself as an investment option.

After all, what happens when you decide to leave a significant amount, like R$100,000, in your Nubank account?

Yields that Surprise

When investing R$100,000 in Nubank, your money doesn’t sit idle. He works for you. Nubank uses the Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI) as a reference for income, a common practice among financial institutions.

Generally, the yield is close to the Selic rate, ensuring that your investment follows market variations.

The Security of your Investment

One of the biggest concerns when investing is the security of the invested capital. With Nubank, your investments are insured up to R$250,000 by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC).

This means that, up to this amount, your money is protected, even if something unexpected happens with the financial institution.

How to Maximize Your Income

For those who have R$100,000 or more to invest, the key is to diversify. Nubank offers different investment options, from the safest and most conservative to the most daring.

Exploring these options can maximize your returns while adjusting to your risk profile and financial goals.

Estimated Annual Income

Let’s talk about numbers. Considering the current CDI rate and Nubank’s income policy, an investment of R$100,000 can generate an interesting return over the course of a year.

Of course, these numbers may vary depending on market fluctuations and current rates. The important thing is to stay informed and adjust your strategies as necessary.

Beyond Yield: Additional Advantages

Investing with Nubank goes beyond numbers.

The ease of managing your account and investments through the application, the absence of hidden fees and efficient customer service are some of the advantages that complement the income that your money can generate.

How does income work?

Income in the "Nubank Account with income" is calculated daily and paid monthly, directly into your account.

The rate of return may vary over time, following financial market conditions.

Account profitability

The profitability of the "Nubank Account with income" is based on a fixed annual rate, plus the economy’s basic interest rate, known as Selic.

This combination offers an opportunity for real gain on the amount invested.

Is it worth leaving R$100,000 or more in Nubank?

For those looking for a simple and safe alternative to make their money profitable, the "Nubank account with income" can be an excellent option.

However, it is essential to consider your personal financial goals and compare the options available on the market.

When evaluating whether it is worth leaving R$100,000 or more in your Nubank account, take into account not only the income offered, but also your general financial strategy.

Leaving R$100,000 or more in Nubank can be an interesting option for those looking for security, practicality and income compatible with the market.

As with any financial decision, it is crucial to be well informed and understand the nuances of your investment.

Nubank stands out not only for its innovation in banking services, but also for offering a solid platform for those who want to see their money grow.

Remember that each investor has unique needs and objectives.

The ideal is to consult a financial specialist to properly plan your investments, considering your profile and long-term goals.

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