Have you opened MEI and don't know how to issue an invoice? See the detailed and simplified step-by-step guide

The invoice is an important component for the MEI, so it is important to know how to go about issuing it step by step. It is essential in billing.

Becoming an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) is a decisive step for many Brazilians looking to formalize their activities and access a new world of opportunities.

One of the great benefits of being a MEI is the ability to issue electronic service invoices (NFS-e), opening doors to do business with companies and even public bodies. But, do you know how to issue your invoice? See how!

Still don’t know how to issue an invoice as a MEI? Watch the step by step and enjoy! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

First steps before issuing the invoice

First of all, it is essential to ensure that you are formalized as a MEI. This can be done simply and quickly on the Entrepreneur Portal (https://encurtador.com.br/euRWX).

After formalization, the next step is to access the Simples Nacional portal (to issue NFS-e and register.

Types of invoice for MEI

As a MEI, you have the option of issuing two main types of invoices: the simplified invoice and the complete invoice.

In short, choosing between one and the other depends on the needs of your business and your client's preferences. Furthermore, it also varies on how you prefer the information to stand out.

NFS-e issuance: a step by step

Access to the system: firstly, once you have registered, you will have access to the NFS-e issuance system. This access can be done through a digital certificate, gov.br account or using the registered CNPJ and password; Filling in the data: then, in the system, you will need to fill in the information necessary to issue the note, such as customer data , description of the service, value, among others; Issuance and printing: after filling in all the fields, simply issue the invoice. The system will generate the document, which can be downloaded or printed to be delivered to the customer.

Conservation of invoices

Once the invoice is issued, it is crucial to keep a copy on file for at least five years. This care is important both for possible inspections and for future consultations.

You don’t need to print the papers, but at least leave the documents in a specific folder on your computer.

Extra tips from Sebrae for MEIs

Ademias, to make life even easier for microentrepreneurs, Sebrae (prepared a series of videos with detailed guidance on formalizing as a MEI, registering on the gov.br portal, issuing overdue guides, among other relevant topics.

MEI Journey: a knowledge portal

In addition to the tips, Sebrae also offers a portal entirely dedicated to MEIs (with knowledge trails that cover various aspects of the day-to-day business.

By completing these trails, you will have access to exclusive benefits, such as consultancy, discount bonuses and even differentiated credit lines.

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Now you know how to issue the invoice!

Issuing an invoice as a MEI is not just a right, but a great opportunity to expand your business and win new customers.

With this practical guide, we hope to have clarified the process and encouraged you to take another step towards the success of your venture.

Remember, there is always someone by your side, offering support and resources so you can grow and prosper in the business world!

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