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WhatsApp announced a new feature that releases explosive messages to users. Understand how the function will work.

WhatsApp is certainly one of the most used messaging applications in the world. Initially, the messenger had few resources. But now, there are several functions that appeal to the public.

According to Meta, the company responsible for Whatsapp, there is a new way to send audios through the app. Many are already calling the feature ‘explosive audio’.

Continue reading this article to find out how the new feature works.

WhatsApp launches new explosive messaging features – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

WhatsApp launches explosive audio features

WhatsApp, a messaging app widely used around the world, introduced a significant innovation: the option to send voice messages that can only be heard once by the recipient.

This functionality is a milestone for security and privacy, allowing users to share confidential information with less worry that their audio may be inappropriately forwarded.

It is worth noting that before, there was already a similar tool in the messenger. However, it worked with photos and videos. So, the possibility of sending unique audios was already awaited by users.

How it works?

Sending a single-view voice message is simple. When recording audio, simply select the option indicated by the "1" icon before sending.

This message, then, can only be played once by the receiver, disappearing from the conversation after it is played, similar to the single-view photos and videos already in the app.

Why is it important?

WhatsApp’s introduction of this functionality underscores the platform’s ongoing commitment to protecting users’ privacy.

Single-view voice messages come with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the sender and recipient can access their content.

This update is a direct response to demands for greater security in digital communications, offering an additional layer of protection for sensitive information shared between users.

Step by step to use the new function

Check out a tutorial on how to send ‘explosive audios’ via messenger.

Open WhatsApp and select the desired conversation;Tap the microphone icon and swipe and lock the recording;Select the "1" icon to mark the audio as single view;Send the audio by tapping the send arrow.

Why can’t I send single view audio?

It is worth noting that all WhatsApp updates happen gradually. In other words, the messenger does not make it available to users at the same time. Initially, the changes are released for the beta – testing version.

Then, the Meta app starts to be released to all users, but little by little. To find out if the feature is available on your device, it is recommended to test it. If nothing happens, try updating from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

If the device does not release the tool even with the update, wait until the app provides the new feature to all users.

Check out the main changes to the messenger

In 2023, WhatsApp implemented significant changes, aiming to enrich the user experience and strengthen security. Among the innovations, the introduction of the self-destructive messaging feature stands out, providing greater privacy in conversations.

The platform also expanded group functionality, allowing administrators greater control and enriching interaction with new management tools.

Another update was the improvement in the quality of video calls, supporting a greater number of participants simultaneously.

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