Has the contribution to the INSS changed in 2024? Check out all the changes TODAY (02/17)

Changes in contributions to the INSS in 2024 affect self-employed people and MEIs: check how to adjust. Understand the new values ​​and guarantee your social security benefits without surprises.

Imagine that you, a self-employed worker or micro-entrepreneur, wake up and discover that the rules of the game have changed.

Yes, we are talking about contributions to the INSS in 2024. In the lines below, we will delve into the details of this new feature and understand how it directly affects your pocket and your rights.

Changes to the INSS contribution have been in effect since February 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

CHANGES in the contribution to the INSS in 2024

The INSS brought something new that promises to change the scenario for individual taxpayers, optional taxpayers, low-income housewives, and of course, individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI).

Adjustments were made, and now the monthly contribution amount has a new calculation. These changes are a reflection of the new minimum wage, which rose to R$1,412 in January this year.

This change not only affects how much you contribute, but also how you benefit from INSS programs.

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What is the contribution to the INSS?

In short, contributing to the INSS is not just an obligation, it is your passport to a series of benefits.

We are talking about retirement, death pension, sickness benefit, among others. In turn, these rights are essential to your financial security and well-being.

What does the contribution to the INSS look like in 2024?

Now, let’s get to what matters: the new values. With the adjustment of the minimum wage, contributions also changed. Namely, we have three main ranges: 5%, 11%, and 20%.

For those looking to save money, low-income housewives contribute 5% of the minimum, now R$70.60.

Prefer greater coverage? The amount can reach R$282.40 per month, if you choose to contribute 20% of the minimum wage.

What does the contribution look like for those who are MEI?

For MEI, the news is sweet. The contribution remains at 5% of the minimum, totaling R$70.60, plus a small additional fee that varies depending on the activity.

On the other hand, MEI Caminhoneiro has a different rate, with 12% of the minimum, representing R$ 169.44, plus some specific taxes.

How much does INSS pay in 2024?

The ripple effect of increasing the minimum wage also affects benefits. Retirement, for example, cannot be less than R$1,412. And the ceiling? This rose to R$7,786.02.

The family allowance and prison allowance also underwent adjustments, ensuring that the INSS safety net keeps up with the needs of its taxpayers.

A look to the future

In summary, the changes in INSS contributions in 2024 are a reflection of a system in constant evolution, seeking to adapt to the economic and social realities of workers.

For you, the taxpayer, it is crucial to stay informed and adjust your financial plans according to these news.

After all, understanding the rules of the game is the first step to guaranteeing your rights and planning a safer future.

The changes in contributions to the INSS in 2024 are an important milestone for all self-employed workers, housewives, and micro-entrepreneurs in the country.

Finally, stay up to date, review your contribution plans, and make sure you make the most of the benefits that INSS offers.

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