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Thousands of retirees from all NIS will be able to benefit from yet another important benefit that the federal government has just granted.

Fernando Haddad, together with the government, announces a new feature that promises to bring a breath of joy and freedom to the lives of Brazilian retirees: the Voa Brasil program.

This program aims to facilitate retirees’ access to reduced-price airline tickets, democratizing travel across the country.

In this sense, if you are part of the group of INSS beneficiaries, keep an eye out to find out how this benefit can reach you!

Soon, all retirees will be able to take advantage of an important benefit from the federal government. Check if you are eligible! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Democratizing heaven for retirees

Initially, the government realized the need to make air travel more accessible, especially for retirees, who often have their mobility and leisure capacity limited for financial reasons.

Thus, the Voa Brasil program was created, which will offer air tickets at symbolic prices for retirees who wish to discover new destinations or visit distant family members.

How does Voa Brasil work?

The program is eligible for retirees who earn up to two minimum wages and have not traveled by plane in the last 12 months.

With fares of up to R$200, Voa Brasil opens doors to new and enriching experiences, promoting the well-being and social inclusion of elderly people.

Challenges and postponements

Despite the initial enthusiasm, the launch of Voa Brasil faced delays due to logistical and financial challenges, especially related to the situation of Brazilian airlines, which are still recovering from the impacts of the pandemic.

Gol, for example, recorded significant debt, which reflects the challenges faced by the sector.

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The concentration of the airline market

Furthermore, one of the obstacles to reducing fares is the concentration of the Brazilian air market in the hands of a few companies, which limits competition and can influence ticket prices.

Gol, Latam and Azul together dominate 99% of the market, which requires a careful approach to ensure the success of the program.

On the other hand, despite the challenges, the government’s commitment to implementing Voa Brasil remains firm.

Haddad and his team are looking for solutions that allow them to offer this unique opportunity to retirees, ensuring they can enjoy air travel at affordable prices.

The future of Voa Brasil

With the focus on restructuring the airline sector and the search for alternatives that make the program viable without impacting primary expenses, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Voa Brasil.

The initiative promises not only to benefit retirees but also to encourage the revitalization of a crucial sector for the economy and mobility in Brazil.

The Voa Brasil program is a clear example of the government’s commitment to improving the quality of life of retirees, offering them new opportunities for leisure and connection.

With the promise of more affordable air tickets, the sky is literally the limit for Brazilian retirees who dream of taking higher flights.

Other benefits for retirees

In addition to initiatives such as the Voa Brasil program, Brazilian retirees have access to a variety of free benefits aimed at their well-being and social inclusion.

Among them, we highlight the IPTU exemption for those who meet specific income and property criteria, discounts on medicines through the Farmácia Popular Program, free or discounted access to cultural and leisure events, and free urban public transport. .

These measures recognize the contribution of retirees to society and aim to guarantee a more dignified and accessible quality of life for them.

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