HAMMER HIT? Is Lula really going to bring forward the February Bolsa Família payments?

Is it true that President Lula has already confirmed the anticipation of Bolsa Família payments for the month of February? See the full calendar!

Recently, news emerged that generated great expectations among beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família program: the possibility of bringing forward the February payment due to the Carnival holiday.

The chance of the benefit being brought forward raised several questions, and many are wondering: did President Lula really put the hammer down on this anticipation?

President Lula confirmed advance payment of Bolsa Família in February? Credit: Reproduction/Ricard Stuckert

The importance of Bolsa Família

Bolsa Família is a social program from the federal government, aimed at families in situations of social vulnerability. It contributes to reducing poverty and inequality by promoting access to education, health and adequate food.

Currently, the program benefits around 23 million families across Brazil, offering essential financial assistance to improve the quality of life of these people.

What is the value of the February Bolsa Família payment?

Currently, the minimum value of the Bolsa Família benefit is R$600. Since March last year, the program has undergone restructuring and is now made up of six distinct benefits, each with a specific value according to each person’s situation. recipient.

These benefits include the Citizenship Income Benefit (BRC), the Complementary Benefit (BCO), the Early Childhood Benefit (BPI), the Family Variable Benefit (BVF), the Family Nurture Variable Benefit (BVN) and the Extraordinary Transition Benefit (BET), whose values ​​vary between R$50 and R$150.

Bolsa Família's February calendar is live!

The Bolsa Família payment schedule is defined by the federal government, in partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal.

Transfers are made in the last 10 business days of each month, following the order of the last digit of each beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS).

For February 2024, Bolsa Família payment will take place after the Carnival holiday. The detailed calendar for February includes deposits that start on the 16th and go until the 29th, according to the last digit of the NIS.

Will the February Bolsa Família be brought forward?

Therefore, we can say that the information circulating on the internet stating that President Lula had brought forward the February Bolsa Família payments is false.

Transfers, therefore, follow the traditional benefit calendar. See the updated dates below:

NIS with ending 1: Payment on February 16NIS with ending 2: Payment on February 19NIS with ending 3: Payment on February 20NIS with ending 4: Payment on February 21NIS with ending 5: Payment on February 22NIS with ending 6: Payment on February 23 NIS with ending 7: Payment on February 26NIS with ending 8: Payment on February 27NIS with ending 9: Payment on February 28NIS with ending 0: Payment on February 29

How to withdraw Bolsa Família?

After the date of deposit into the account, beneficiaries have a period of time to withdraw from Bolsa Família. It is important to pay attention to this deadline to ensure you receive the benefit.

Withdrawals can be made at any Caixa Econômica Federal branch, Caixa Aqui correspondents or lottery outlets, upon presentation of the Bolsa Família card and identification document with photo.

Don’t waste time to cash out!

The anticipated payment of Bolsa Família in February 2024 has not been confirmed, and payments will follow the schedule established after Carnival.

The program, therefore, continues to be fundamental support for socially vulnerable families, guaranteeing financial support at crucial times.

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