Guaranteed payment TODAY (02/16) for Brazilians who put their CPF on their invoice

Those who put their CPF on the note can have access to several simultaneous prizes. It all depends on the rules of each state.

Have you ever entered your CPF on your invoice and wondered what the true impact of this simple action is? In addition to being a practice that helps combat tax evasion, did you know that this can bring you direct financial benefits and even contribute to social projects?

Therefore, if you want to know more about what benefits you can achieve through this simple action, continue following the article because we will tell you everything!

Including the CPF on the note is a way of guaranteeing some important benefits. See who the lucky ones will be! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The mechanics behind the CPF in the Note

The Nota Fiscal Paulista Program, for example, is an initiative by the government of São Paulo that has transformed the way consumers and philanthropic entities interact with the tax system.

By requesting that your CPF be added to the invoice during a purchase, you not only contribute to the transparency of commercial transactions but also qualify to participate in monthly draws with prizes that can reach R$1 million!

The tangible benefits for you

But, what do you gain from this? In summary, in addition to the chance to win cash prizes, the credits that the user accumulates can be used to reduce the IPVA value or even to redeem in kind.

This means that by actively participating in the program, you receive a portion of your taxes back. However, they transform your routine purchases into opportunities to save or even earn money.

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A profound social impact

It does not stop there. By including your CPF in the note, you can also direct part of the credits to support philanthropic entities.

This means that, in addition to personal benefits, your action has a social impact, helping projects ranging from animal protection to elderly care. In other words, it is a simple way to make a difference in the community with everyday gestures.

How to participate by putting your CPF on the note?

So, are you interested? Participating is easy. Generally, all you need to do is register on the official website of your state’s program, provide some personal data and don’t forget to request the inclusion of your CPF on the invoice for your purchases.

Tracking your credits and rewards is simple, with online platforms and mobile apps available to facilitate access to benefits.

Which states have benefits for the CPF in the note?

Finally, in addition to the state of São Paulo, with its renowned Nota Fiscal Paulista Program, several other federative units in Brazil have adopted similar initiatives.

In short, they encourage the inclusion of the CPF in the invoice to promote fiscal transparency and offer benefits to consumers. Among them, the following stand out:

Rio Grande do Sul: firstly, the Nota Fiscal Gaúcha program offers cash prizes and discounts on IPVA for those who include their CPF on the note. Furthermore, it also supports social actions through the credits generated; of the Nota Paraná program, part of the ICMS collected is reverted to benefits for consumers who require the invoice, including monthly draws and credits; Federal District: the Nota Legal program offers the refund of up to 30% of the ICMS and ISS collected, which can be used to deduct IPTU and IPVA or requested in cash, in addition to carrying out prize draws.

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