GUARANTEED free access on municipal buses; see how to assert your right

Many people can access free bus tickets, which helps a lot in their daily lives. Whether for work or study, it is an essential benefit.

Today is a special day for Brazilians! From now on, those aged 60 or over and who earn up to two minimum wages can enjoy free public bus transport.

This achievement, regulated by the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), aims to make public transport more accessible and facilitate mobility for this portion of the population.

So, if you still don’t know how to access this important benefit, see how you can receive exemption from ticket payments.

Have you ever thought about no longer needing to pay for bus tickets? See how to get this free gift! / Photo: Joédson Alves – Agência Brasil

How do free municipal buses work?

In principle, ANTT determines that bus companies must reserve two free seats per trip for seniors, in addition to offering a 50% discount on two more seats on interstate lines.

For travel within the same state, it is important to check local rules as they may vary. In other words, it is possible to get free or discounts, depending on the location.

Eligibility and process to ride the bus for free

Furthermore, to access the benefit, elderly people must prove that they are 60 years old or over and have an income of no more than two minimum wages.

It is important to request a ticket at least three hours before departure time. After this period, reserved seats may be released for sale.

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Required documentation

Proof of the right to a discount or free payment requires the presentation of the Elderly Card, issued by the federal government, along with a photo ID.

In this sense, to obtain the Elderly Card, it is necessary to go to the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS), with your Social Identification Number (NIS) and proof of income.

Finally, this initiative reflects the commitment to the well-being of the elderly, ensuring that public transport is an accessible right for everyone.

Take advantage of this benefit and explore the possibilities it offers, making your days even richer and full of new experiences!

Impact on the lives of the elderly

This measure represents a significant advance in the quality of life of the elderly, offering them greater autonomy, dignity and easier access to essential services, such as medical appointments and leisure activities.

It is a way of recognizing the importance and contribution of this generation to society, guaranteeing them the right to move around more easily and safely.

Other free benefits for seniors

In addition to free public transport, elderly people in Brazil have access to a series of other benefits that aim to ensure their well-being and quality of life.

Among these benefits, the priority in service in various public and private services stands out, guaranteeing less waiting time in queues.

In the health area, elderly people have the right to free assistance through the SUS, with access to medicines, vaccines and specialized treatments.

In addition, there is also an exemption from fees in public competitions for those who fall into the senior age group.

Even leisure is free!

In culture and leisure, many cinemas, theaters and cultural events offer discounts or free access to this audience.

These initiatives, supported by the Elderly Statute, reflect the recognition of the importance of promoting social integration, respect and appreciation of the elderly population, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive society.

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