GUARANTEED exemption on 4 debts; SERASA statement provides relief to the elderly

Elderly people who suffer from debt may have access to an exemption that will cover several accounts. To do this, it is important to know if you are eligible.

Faced with growing concern about the finances of the elderly population, new legislation appears as a beacon of hope.

The Over-Indebtedness Law, a legal framework in Brazil, promises financial respite for elderly people who are suffocated by debt. Come see who will benefit from it.

Elderly people will be able to count on a new benefit that will free them from debt. See what it is! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the Super-Indebtedness Law?

In principle, the Over-Indebtedness Law, as the name suggests, is aimed at individuals who accumulate significant debts, whether due to a single large debt or several smaller ones.

In short, the objective is to allow these people, including the elderly, to request more favorable conditions to renegotiate their debts, guaranteeing an existential minimum for their dignified survival.

How does it work for the elderly?

Specifically for the elderly, the law guarantees that they can negotiate their debts in a way that does not commit more than a fair share of their income to paying off debts.

In this sense, this means that at least 25% of the elderly’s income must be preserved, ensuring that their basic needs continue to be met.

What debts does the law cover?

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the law covers debts incurred in good faith, excluding those arising from fraud or bad faith.

This spectrum includes consumer debts, such as water, electricity, telephone and gas bills, as well as loans and credit card debts.

Negotiation must take place with the creditor entity, seeking terms that respect the financial capacity of the elderly person.

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The impact on the lives of the elderly

In short, this legislation represents a significant change in the way seniors’ debts are handled, offering them a chance to reorganize their finances without compromising their well-being.

It is an important step towards a society that respects and protects its most experienced members, guaranteeing them dignity and financial security in their golden years.

The Super-Indebtedness Law is more than an economic measure; It is a recognition of the importance of caring for those who have already contributed so much to society.

For older people struggling with the burden of debt, this law could be the relief they’ve been waiting for, a light at the end of the tunnel that allows them to face the future with more hope and less worry.

Tax exemptions for seniors

Finally, seniors can get a series of exemptions. Check out the most common ones!


Many municipalities offer IPTU exemption for seniors, significantly reducing housing expenses. Check the rules in your city.

Income tax

Next, seniors may have IRPF exemptions, especially those with income from retirement, pensions or retirement, depending on the amount received.


Some states exempt seniors from paying IPVA, mainly for adapted vehicles or in specific cases defined by state legislation.

These exemptions represent an important benefit, easing the elderly’s budget and recognizing their contributions to society.

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