Guarantee Fund will release a new payment batch in a few days

The Guarantee Fund makes important payments to workers in specific situations. To know if you are eligible, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the modality you are going to use.

The FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) represents a valuable opportunity for millions of Brazilians who have opted for a certain modality, allowing the annual redemption of a portion of the balance available in their accounts linked to Caixa Econômica Federal.

With the release of another batch in a few days, it is essential that shareholders pay attention to the calendar and rules to take advantage of this chance. So see if you are eligible!

Soon, thousands of Brazilians will be able to access payment from the Guarantee Fund. See who will receive! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understand the release of the Guarantee Fund

Since 2020, workers have been able to opt for the anniversary withdrawal, a form of the Guarantee Fund that differs from the termination withdrawal.

By choosing this modality, the worker gives up the possibility of withdrawing the full amount of FGTS in the event of unfair dismissal, but gains the right to annually withdraw a fraction of the balance, plus an additional portion that can reach R$2,900, depending on the value into account.

Rules and procedures

Withdrawal percentage: firstly, the percentage available for withdrawal varies from 5% to 50%, based on the account balance;Fixed installment: in addition to the percentage, it is possible to receive an additional amount, with the maximum stipulated at R$2,900;Deadline for withdrawal: after the funds are made available, the shareholder has three months to make the withdrawal.

Withdrawal calendar

The calendar follows the worker’s birthday month, extending over three months. For example, those born in February can withdraw funds until the end of April.

Furthermore, people who opted for it in March can withdraw until the last day of May, every year, for example. For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to the dates so as not to miss the opportunity.

How to join the Guarantee Fund modality

For those interested in opting for a birthday withdrawal or checking eligibility, it is possible to do so through the FGTS app (Android: or iOS: or directly at Caixa branches. Signing up is a simple process that can provide annual financial relief .

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Keep an eye out for the opportunity!

The FGTS birthday withdrawal is an alternative that offers financial flexibility for workers, allowing access to resources that can be used according to each individual’s needs.

However, it is crucial to understand the rules and consequences of choosing this modality, especially the impossibility of full withdrawal in the case of unfair dismissal. Stay informed and make informed choices regarding your Guarantee Fund.

Other modalities of the Guarantee Fund

Finally, the FGTS offers different withdrawal methods, in addition to the well-known birthday withdrawal, to meet the different needs of workers.


When applicable: this is the traditional modality, where the worker can withdraw the total of their FGTS in the event of unfair dismissal. In addition to the balance, you will receive a 40% termination fine.

Reason for illness

Withdrawal conditions: workers or dependents with serious illnesses, such as cancer or HIV, or in the terminal stage of any illness, are entitled to full withdrawal from the fund.

Withdrawal to purchase housing

Making dreams come true: FGTS can be used to purchase, build, amortize or settle housing financing debt, facilitating access to owning your own home.

Withdrawal for retirement

Support in old age: Upon retirement, the worker has the right to withdraw their FGTS in full, offering additional financial support in this new phase of life.

Each modality has specific rules and conditions for withdrawal. It is important that workers inform themselves about their rights and plan the best use of their FGTS, according to their needs and life goals.

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