Group of retirees may receive INCREASE after STF decision, find out if you are part of it

Decision could significantly affect several retirees across the country. Those who have already retired and are interested in improving their finances should therefore pay attention.

The decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in relation to the Whole Life Review has been awaited with great expectation by retirees and pensioners throughout Brazil.

After all, it is linked to a judgment that has the potential to significantly alter the amounts transferred by the National Social Security Institute (INSS), especially for those who contributed before 1994.

The current scenario of Brazilian Social Security, which includes retirement modalities based on age, contribution time and disability, could suffer profound impacts with the conclusion of this trial.

An increase for retirees may be closer than you think | Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understanding the Whole Life Review, aimed at retirees

The Whole Life Review refers to the possibility of recalculating the retirement value including all of the worker’s social security contributions, even those prior to 1994.

To date, due to a change in the rules in 1999, contributions prior to this year are not considered when calculating the benefit, which could result in lower retirement amounts for many Brazilians.

About the Affected Retirement Types

The types of retirement in Brazil are duly divided:

The divisions are by age, allowing men to retire at age 65 and women at age 60; by contribution time, requiring 35 years of contribution for men and 30 for women; and disability, aimed at those who are permanently unable to work due to illness or accidents.

The STF’s decision on the whole life review has the potential to influence the calculation of benefits for many retirees of these types of pensions, ensuring fairer values ​​that better reflect the contribution history of each worker.

About the Impacts of the 1999 Amendment and STF Actions

The change made in 1999, which excluded previous social security contributions from 1994 from the retirement calculation, resulted in significant losses for retirees.

In 2022, the STF made a decision that allowed these affected individuals to request the inclusion of old contributions in the recalculation of their benefits. However, the INSS appealed this decision, seeking to prevent the revision of the calculations.

About the Conditions for Review

The possibility of review, so far, is limited to workers who retired before the last pension reform, carried out in 2019.

It is also necessary that the right to retirement or pension has been acquired in the last ten years, creating a scenario in which many retirees can benefit from this review, as long as they meet these criteria.

Expectations Regarding the STF Judgment

The STF judgment, expected to be concluded later this month, brings great expectations for thousands of retirees and pensioners.

After all, the decision could not only correct a historical distortion in the way benefits are calculated, but also guarantee a significant increase in the value of pensions for many Brazilians.

This change represents an important step in the search for a fairer pension that adequately recognizes the contributory effort of each worker throughout their working life.

You have to wait a little longer…

The Whole Life Review presents itself as a milestone in the fight for retirees’ rights, potentially changing the country’s social security future and ensuring that benefits more accurately and fairly reflect the contributions of each citizen.

While the final result of the trial is not announced, the expectations and hopes of many Brazilians remain focused on the STF, in the hope of a favorable decision that can bring more security and dignity to their retirement.

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