group of Brazilians will be able to withdraw R$ 1,059, check it out!

Soon, thousands of Brazilians will be able to access an interesting value through both Caixa and Banco do Brasil. To do so, they must have the right.

Did you know that Caixa Econômica Federal announced something new that could make a difference in your pocket this year?

That’s right, the institution published a list of CPFs eligible to withdraw the amount of R$1059 related to the salary bonus in 2024. Are you curious to know more about this? Check out all the important information below!

Did you know that you may have money available through Caixa this month? Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Salary bonus for Brazilians

In principle, the PIS (Social Integration Program) and the Pasep (Public Servant Asset Formation Program) are initiatives that aim to integrate workers into the development of companies and offer additional income.

Each year, a group of workers benefits from an extra amount, as long as they meet certain requirements.

Who is entitled to payment from Caixa?

Furthermore, to be eligible to receive PIS/Pasep, you must have been enrolled in the programs for at least 5 years, have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2022, have not received more than two minimum wages in that period and have your updated information in RAIS (Annual Social Information List).

The amount to be received varies depending on the time worked in the base year, ranging from R$117.67 (for one month of work) to R$1,412.00 (for those who worked the entire year).

How to consult and receive your benefit

So, are you eager to find out if you are among those selected? The consultation can be carried out in a practical way through the Digital Work Card application (Android: or iOS:

There, you will find all the necessary information about the benefit, including whether you have anything to receive and when you can make the withdrawal, which is organized according to the worker’s month of birth or the final Pasep registration number.

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Transfer calendar

Check below the benefit payment dates for those who receive PIS and Pasep.

PIS by Caixa

Birthdays in January: payment from February 15th; Birthdays in February: payment from March 15th; Birthdays in March and April: payment from April 15th; Birthdays in May and June: payment from 15th May; July and August birthdays: payment from June 17th; September and October birthdays: payment from July 15th; November and December birthdays: payment from August 15th.

Pasep by BB

NIS with ending 0: payment from February 15th;NIS with ending 1: payment from March 15th;NIS with ending 2 and 3: payment from April 15th;NIS with ending 4 and 5: payment from May 15th;NIS with ending 6 and 7: payment from June 17th;NIS with ending 8: payment from July 15th;NIS with ending 9: payment from August 15th.

Go after your Caixa payment!

Finally, now that you are aware of this opportunity, don’t waste time! So, check if your name is on the list and get ready to take advantage of this extra benefit.

Caixa always brings news that can help Brazilian workers, and paying attention to this information is essential to not miss any chance that could help with your budget. So, ready to check your app and find out if you’re one of this year’s lucky ones?

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