Government confirms gas voucher of R$ 102.00 now in February; see how to request

Check out our complete guide to the gas voucher in February 2024! Payment of R$ 102 already has a date to be deposited into Brazilians’ accounts.

Did you know that saving on your electricity bill can start before you even turn on the first lamp? That’s right! In February 2024, the Vale-Gás program, also known as Auxílio Gás, brings a unique opportunity for low-income families.

In the article below, we will show you all the information you need to know about this benefit and how it can positively impact your budget.

Vale-gas returns in February! Credit: Reproduction.

What is Vale-Gás?

Vale-Gás, or Auxílio Gás, is a social program that aims to help low-income families purchase cooking gas, an essential item in the life of any home.

The good news is that, in February 2024, a new installment of this benefit will be released, bringing financial relief to many Brazilians.

More details: Vale-gás 2024 has already released REGISTRATIONS? See how to sign up and receive the EXTRA installment with this step-by-step guide

Who is entitled to Vale Gás in February?

To benefit from Vale-Gás, it is important to meet the following criteria established by the Federal Government:

Single Registry (CadÚnico): Being actively registered in the Single Registry is the first step to being eligible for this aid. Family Income: Per capita family income must be up to half a minimum wage, which is equivalent to R$606. In addition, total family income cannot exceed three minimum wages.Participation in Income Transfer Programs: Even families with incomes exceeding three minimum wages can benefit if they are participating in income transfer programs implemented by government spheres.Receipt of BPC/ Loas: It is necessary that at least one family member receives the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC/Loas).

It is important to highlight that the program has priority criteria. Families covered by Auxílio Brasil, with a greater number of members in the family unit, lower income and updated registration with CadÚnico in the last two years, have priority in granting the benefit.

Gas Voucher Calendar – February 2024

The release of the benefit in February will follow the order of the final NIS (Social Identification Number). Payments will begin on February 16th, for beneficiaries with final NIS 1, and will conclude on February 29th, for beneficiaries with final NIS 0.

Each family will receive at least R$102 directly into their accounts on the Caixa Tem app. This injection of resources is of great help to low-income families, ensuring the maintenance of a basic need: food.

Here is the complete Vale Gás calendar for February:

NIS final 1: February 16;NIS final 2: February 19;NIS final 3: February 20;NIS final 4: February 21;NIS final 5: February 22;NIS final 6: February 23;NIS final 7: February 26th; NIS end 8: February 27th; NIS end 9: February 28th; NIS end 0: February 29th.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get the aid!

With this assistance, you can save on the purchase of gas cylinders, directing these resources to other essential needs of your family. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure this financial assistance and ease the burden of expenses in your home.

Pay attention to the deadlines and requirements, as Vale-Gás in February is there to make a difference to your budget. Take advantage of this chance to save and ensure your family’s well-being.

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