Google is offering 15 FREE distance learning courses with certification in various areas

Boost your career with the 15 free courses offered by Google. Gain valuable skills in areas such as digital marketing, programming and entrepreneurship, all at your own pace.

Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, is democratizing access to education and professional training through its free online course platform.

By offering 15 courses in various areas, the company is enabling millions of people around the world to have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

Therefore, if you want to develop skills and obtain certifications that are valued in the job market, read on and find out more.

Free access to high-quality courses and certifications recognized by Google. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Google launches 15 FREE COURSES

In an ever-changing world, Google’s free courses represent a gateway for those who want to stand out in their careers.

From digital marketing basics to advanced topics in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the variety of courses offered caters to a wide range of interests.

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Are Google courses good?

Designed by internal Google experts, the courses ensure not only relevant and up-to-date content, but also a high-quality learning experience.

With a combination of videos, practical exercises and assessments, participants have the opportunity to absorb knowledge in a dynamic and interactive way.

Everything is designed to ensure that the student acquires a deep understanding of the topics covered. Cool, right?

What are the advantages of Google online courses?

One of the main advantages of Google’s free online courses is the flexibility offered to participants.

With 24/7 access, students can study at a time that best suits their routine, whether during the day, at night or on weekends.

This freedom of schedule allows people with different professional and personal commitments to have access to knowledge and training.

And the best part: all this without the need to travel to a physical institution.

What courses are offered?

The 15 free courses offered by Google cover a wide variety of topics, including digital marketing, programming, entrepreneurship, communication, among others. See the list:

Fundamentals of Digital MarketingUnderstand the first steps of codingEntrepreneurship to be found by customersGenerate content to promote your companyMastering the art of public speakingNetworking: Building Successful ConnectionsTransmit your ideas with texts and images How to Engage your AudienceUnderstand the basics of machine learningBuild trust with self-promotion: The Key to Building TrustEntrepreneurship and understanding web behaviorEntrepreneurship in your business in other countriesEntrepreneurship with a focus on mobile devices: Strategies for Mobile DevicesEntrepreneurship in your online businessCloud Onboard Online: Mastering the CloudOnline Security for companies

With a varied workload, which can range from just one hour to more extensive courses of up to 40 hours, there are options for all student profiles.

How to sign up for Google courses?

Namely, to sign up for free Google courses, simply access the online platform, select the course of interest and follow the instructions to create an account.

Eu Capacito Platform:

Once registered, the participant has immediate access to the course content and can begin studying immediately.

Finally, remember: there are no prerequisites or registration fees, making the process simple and accessible to everyone.

Invest in your professional future

In short, the free courses offered by Google represent a unique opportunity for those who want to invest in their professional development.

With free access to high-quality knowledge and recognized certifications, participants have the chance to broaden their skills and expand their career opportunities.

So, take advantage of this opportunity and start walking the path towards a promising future today.

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